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# relationship

Do we need others?

The others, it is often super nice ... but it happens also that one is tired of it! At times, we can say that we feel better alone, that we do not need "them"! Is it really possible to live without others?

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Mother is the first and last place to everyone

Not enough food for eat, no space to live in the world, only mother is alive where the child found it's love and mother always try to protect it by life. May this love live long..!!!!

love to all mother

7 Signs of True Friendship

If you have trouble deciding if your friend is a true friend, then your relationship must already be unstable. If you want to know if your friend shares your friendship for the right reasons, you must pay attention to what he/she says, what he/she does an…

When You're Not Here

When You're Not HereWhen you're not here,

I have a need for scandals

When you're not here,

18 Reasons Why It's Wonderful When You're in Love

You know when you're just down and you're only looking for Desperate Housewives, and your dear crawls around you all with popcorn and seriously engage in commenting on the dress?

It's called LOVE, and I bring you 18 reasons to look at from time to t…

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