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Auction Find - Old Coal Stove

This old coal stove looks like it has been warming farmhouses and cooking food for many years. We made a phone bid on this one, and unfortunately it arrived looking a lot smaller than it did in the photo, however, it is still pretty charming.

Photography black- eye

Plant Kedondong

Original Photography by @blacktiger


The kedondong tree is known only as a plant that grows at the corner of the fence. But basically this tree also has benefits for human life.

Frozen days in Amsterdam

I had move to Amsterdam 6 months back. This is my first winter in Netherlands. In my experience the only con of living in Netherlands is it's weather,till now it had been the sudden rains and gushes of wind that marred the mood. From last couple of days i…

Bronze-winged courser, Rhinoptilus chalcopterus, at Elephant Sands Lodge, Botswana

I love photos!

Soon I'll post a new photos.

A Tiny Baby Bat!

The granddaughter of one of the shop owners in the complex I am in brought this tiny baby bat to show me yesterday. She is 6 years old so her hand is small, now you can imagine how tiny this little thing was!!! She says she is giving it milk.

Photo shoot - Nikon D800E #01


Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Winter Snow Storm in Richmond, VA USA - A Tree Fell on my van!

Hello snow! This morning I woke up to a tree crashing down on my van...or I should say my son Adil's van as it is his accessible van for his wheelchair. I have parked so close to the house as it is easy to get him in and out of the van. I was taking pictu…

Christmas village

As the Christmas holidays are getting closer, I felt like sharing the little Christmas village that we celebrate every year for Christmas. Some of the houses have their own light, but mostly it is surrounded by a line of Christmas lights.

Probably i…

Nature At Its Best (Original Photography)

Today I got up early in the morning and as you may know, that's the time when nature is at its best. The sun was rising, the birds were chirping, there was dew on the grass, the air was breezy and it felt so awesome to be amidst nature and her creations.…

Auction Finds - Antique Glass Bottles

Today I'm sharing some of the beautiful glass bottles I recently listed for sale online. Most aren't worth anything much, with the exception of the L Rose & Co Leith orange/lime juice bottle, but I find old hand made glass compellingly beautiful. I love t…

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Великолепный GIF-брильянт

Удивительная 3D GIF картинка

Auction Finds - Cute & Small!

Here I have a marvelously odd collection of small, and easy to post collectibles which I have recently listed on the South African online auction site I use!

One small city among the mountains...


Auction Finds - Collectible Tin Toys!

I have these fantastic vintage tin toys for sale online at the moment.

vacation [Fahaheel Beach]



The vacation is also good.

FALL at the RIVER in Virginia, USA

At Browns Island in Richmond, VA USA it was a perfect day for a walk by the river.

We saw these gorgeous geeee swimming in the river near the beaches in the shallow water. I’m sure they are flying South for the winter and stopped here for a break.

Красота нужна всем .....

Трудно говорить о красоте природы: все это по-другому, часто у нее нет общих черт, поэтому нет четких критериев для сравнения. И животные чувствуют и восхищаются тем же самым способом, что и люди.

Источник: https://www.rutraveller.ru/place/13015…

Auction Finds - Art Edition

These are a selection of the beautiful original and reproduced art works that I have recently listed on my online auction site in South Africa.

Ночной минимализм

Spiritual among the low

...И ты держала сферу на ладони

Хрустальную, и ты спала на троне

И, боже правый, ты была моя

Маковые поля Казахстана.

Сама степь прекрасна, когда цветут маки!

Auction Finds - Antique/Vintage Glass Baby Bottles, Feeders And Advertising Material

Take a look at the baby bottles of yesteryear!

Яблоки на снегу.

Михаил Муромов - Яблоки на снегу (Песня года 1988)

Источник: /www.google.ru

Pretty South African Wild Flowers In The Grassland Bordering My Home

On the weekend I took these photos as I was amazed by the variety of flowers and plants you can see in the veld (African grassland) before the grass grows long. All these flowers were literally within twenty steps of my property line.

New York City

When I was young I always wanted to go to New York. Growing up in the 1980s and watching movies and TV series, ignited my appreciation for the place. The wide avenues, the skyscrapers, the street art on the trains – it all looked so different, and cool. A…

Auction Finds - The Whole Damn Lot!!!

Come on a treasure hunt! This is how my husband's truck and trailer look after a particularly fruitful auction. Now consider all that stuff has to be loaded, unloaded, sorted for the shop, online site, or for another auction, and cleaned. This load should…


Лодка поджидает пассажиров, что бы доставить их в собственную виллу на сваях над водой с бассейном и стеклянными полами для умиротворяющего созерцания жизни обитателей подводного мира.

Атолл Медхуфуши, внешнее кольцо Мальдивских островов, ноябрь 200…

Auction Find - 18K Gold Half Hunter Pocket Watch!!!

My husband literally struck gold at the last two auctions he attended. In my last post I shared a few pieces of beautiful jewelry he found in one of his auction boxes, and on Saturday he discovered this stunning watch in a box you would never expect to fi…

Photography black- eye

Прогулка с фотоаппаратом

Приветствую друзья. Извините, что пишу мало, времени совсем не хватает, так как готовится к запуску @digital-design, да и дел в целом много -- то детей погулять\сводить в школы, то у супруги ДР, то еще всякие другие приятности как сегодня: прогулка.…

Подводный лес. Озеро Каинды. Казахстан.

Своей популярностью озеро обязано истории происхождения. В 1910 году из-за землетрясения оползни перекрыли ущелье, которое затем заполнилось водой, оставив под собой хвойный лес. Но высокие деревья не ушли полностью по воду, и их макушки остались над пове…

Golos Photography Awards - Архитектура

Canon 1000d 18-55

Закат над крышами Йазда, одного из самых древних городов на планете.

Photography black- eye

Auction Finds - Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry

I've been listing pretty vintage jewelry while Black Friday in South Africa is rapidly been rained out! It is a pity, as I was catching the tail end of the shoppers and their money. This lovely jewelry definitely has lifted my spirits.

Фиолетовый четверг.

Одним из самых загадочных и таинственных цветов, бесспорно, считается фиолетовый. Именно этот цвет овеян множеством сказаний и легенд, именно в фиолетовые одежды одеваются все маги и волшебники.

Источник: http://kak-bog.ru/fioletovyy-cvet-v-psiholog…

Auction Finds - Pretty Vintage Marbles

Please enjoy these pictures of the pretty vintage marbles we found at a recent auction, I don't think there is anything particularly valuable, so each lot has a starting bid of around $1.


Photography black- eye

Auction Finds - ALL Vintage Shirts, Jerseys and Jackets (2)

Clothing is such a popular online seller I have another online account dedicated just to selling second hand garments, vintage clothing being the most popular. The trick to selling second hand clothing, in the shop, and online, is not to be greedy. It mak…

Auction Finds - ALL Vintage Shirts, Jerseys and Jackets (1)

Clothing is such a popular online seller I have another online account dedicated just to selling second hand garments, vintage clothing being the most popular. The trick to selling second hand clothing, in the shop, and online, is not to be greedy. It mak…

Auction Finds - Shop Edition

I usually sell our most interesting items online, since I am from a fairly small town, but some things simply can't be posted! Today I am going to share a selection of the more unusual item sold in our secondhand shop.

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photography black-eye

photography black-eye

Sometimes all we need is a little rain, some thoughts on love

The term unconditional love is a little trite, I think. There are conditions to my love, though not many. Mostly you must not be a complete asshole. I've been very lucky and have been surrounded by amazing people all my life.

Love should be forgiving, but we should realise not everything can be forgiven. I've often imagined myself in the place of the parents of say, serial killers. I don't think the love I have for my children will survive an unforgivable act intact? I can't s…

Театр кукол. Могилев.

Театр кукол находится в самом ценре города Могилев. Моей младшей дочери очень нарятся их постановки.

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