Dexter Chauvin

### No, wait. Isn't it police officer Derek Chauvin who was just convicted for the second-degree murder of George Floyd? Who the hell is this Dexter Chauvin?

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Okay, I admit; that was a bad play on words. This post isn't about Derek Chauvin, and not even about the verdict. No, this short post is about the political right's reaction to the guilty verdict. Boy, are they flabbergasted... "Dexter" is Latin for "right". And "sinister" is Latin for "left"; there's a whole post in there about how the political left has historically been associated with "bad" or "dark" or "mysterious in a bad way", as "sinister" has a bad, foreboding, ominous connotation, whereas "dexterous" is obviously a good thing, like having skills, being nimble, agile... There, that was my 5 cent Latin course of the day...


Back to the verdict, and how it has caught the political right off guard. I'll keep this short and just include a couple of short videos, so you can see for yourself. Derek Chauvin is the police officer who we all saw with his knee firmly planted on the neck of George Floyd for 8 or 9 minutes, while the latter repeatedly said he could not breathe. Floyd died, this sparked the largest social protests in the history of America and made famous Black Lives Matter, and now, almost a year later, Chauvin has been found guilty on three charges: second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Conservatives EMBARASSING Reaction to Derek Chauvin Verdict

One argument that keeps coming up on the part of right wing pundits is the "fact" that the verdict by jury was reached under much social pressure, specifically under the threats of violent uprisings. They also criticize Joe Biden for publicly saying he hopes the jury will find Chauvin guilty. Both criticisms are questionable; the 12 members of the jury were partially sequestered for the duration of the trial, and completely sequestered since Monday. Biden even mentioned this; he said he would never make those remarks if the jury was not sequestered at the time.

Ex-Cop Offends Tucker Carlson With Basic Facts

You'll also see the "Blue Lives Matter" crowd repeatedly claim that Floyd's murder wasn't a racist murder. That's a straw-man; any racial motivation of Chauvin's actions wasn't part of this trial. What was on trial was Chauvin's actions, regardless of his victim's race. Sure, this murder ignited a broad social protest and discussion on systemic racism, but that had nothing to do with this case. And yes, this conviction will be celebrated by African Americans and all other Americans who are aware how black people are being treated differently in the justice system. And it's a sign that maybe police officers will be held accountable for some of the actions they we able to get away with for so long. I am cynical though, and think it possible that this conviction and the inevitable media circus around it is nothing more than a gesture to appease the masses. I hope I'm wrong, but in the meantime I've enjoyed the laughable reactions I've seen from the online political right, so please enjoy.

Candace Owens OFF THE RAILS Over Derek Chauvin Verdict


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