The living beauty of the earth

Flowers are the living beauty of the earth. We need them both on holidays and on weekdays, they are always with us. Flowers make a person kinder, nobler and even ... more beautiful. After all, they are an expression of our feelings, moods, our understanding of the beautiful. Nature is a mirror that reflects our essence. So is the plant kingdom


It is not known when exactly floriculture arose - after all, people have always rejoiced at the beauty of the world around them and the plants that have existed since time immemorial. Gradually, people began to decorate their homes with flowers, and soon they learned how to grow and breed them.


Today, few people can be surprised by floristry, that is, the ability to make various bouquets. There is also landscaping, which involves decorating areas adjacent to the house. Flowers in pots no longer surprise anyone, and we rarely think about how the art of floriculture entered our lives.


In the age of technological progress and urbanization, flowers are especially dear to us. We try to give them the best place in the house, give them to each other on special occasions, congratulate, see off, meet, express gratitude, respect, love - with flowers.

Photos by @zumed

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