How to focus on your strengths and feel less insecure

We all deal with insecurity at some point; This is a natural way of trying to measure whether our enterprises will succeed or end badly for us. But in daily life, being too insecure to perform small tasks, such as speaking honestly to friends, limits your ability to enjoy your time on earth.

Life is constantly changing and whatever is stable can break today or it will go tomorrow. But if you make yourself powerful, you can always move, control and move ahead of your own accord, and you will find happiness wherever you go.

If you are feeling that you cannot achieve anything, take yourself out for a moment and imagine that you are a completely different person. Think about what you would tell another person in your situation. For example, if you are nervous about going to a party where you don't know many people or are interviewing for a new job, think that you would give someone in a similar situation. If you look at it this way, you will see that there is nothing to fear about it and if you set your mind you will succeed.

Write down all the things you are worried about, and all the factors that make you feel like you can't complete a thing. Read them and ask yourself how many of them are rational, and how many are just products of negative thinking.

Take the time to really think at the root of your fear - whether it's fooling yourself, disappointing your parents, or not getting the life you want. See how many of your fears you can deal with, and think of positive solutions to all the things that are worrying you.

It is perfectly natural to fear failure or to turn away from looking bad. Everyone has this fear from time to time. However, it is unnatural to be so obsessed with anxiety that you feel that you cannot do a single thing.

Instead of focusing all the time you embarrass yourself, failed at something, or just look silly, you should keep a long hard eye on all the time that you've done really well. Think of the success you have found in school, the great friendships you have made, or the random times when you crack a group of people because of your sense of victory.

Ask yourself, "What's the worst that can happen?" "And be honest with your answer. If you get a new haircut and some people don't like it, it's unlikely the world will end. These silly worries prevent you from doing anything different. Once you realize that the worst is not really bad, you will be more likely to move and take risks.

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