Growing spinach in the lawns


The word "green pharmacy" can be used to describe a variety of garden crops. But Spinach is right there with them, taking first place by a broad margin.

Since I am a punctual person, I have a habit of following a "stencil" that has served me well for many years. As a result, the verbs are in this order.

I soak them in room temperature water two days before sowing. I have adjusted the water several times during this period.

Since spinach doesn't like even a little shade, I prefer the most open spaces for beds. At the same time, it is a moisture-loving plant that needs a lot of sun.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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16.04.2021 16:08

I also like to see growing plants in my near park as you are shairing. Thanx

17.04.2021 00:49