Deutsche Bank, UBS CEOs Criticize Impact of Negative Rates

Deutsche Bank's CEO Sewing is right:

The ECB faces a tough decision:

  • either they flood the market with cheap money which has grave side effects for the banks. Besides destroying the incentive for people to save money and incentivizing people and institutions going (even more) into debt, lower rates will damage the banks' business model even more (for the banks' business model see:
  • or they stop QE or don't enlarge QE which would probably lead to a shortage of liquidity in the Eurozone's market causing a credit crunch, a deflationary shock, company failures, high unemployment etc.

I really can't imagine that ECB bureaucrats or politicians are strong enough to pursue the second path. So I expect endless QE, Euro banks struggling with continuously decreasing profits and/or increasing losses, collapses of Euro banks and ultimately a systemic failure of the Euro banking system.
I hope I am wrong but I wouldn't bet on it. That's why BTC.


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05.09.2019 08:55

The good man is still needed to bring the good news to the USA, Trump is waiting.

05.09.2019 10:33

Im not seeing the falling of the entire euro coin as a non option, so definetely keeping eyes open for all options!

05.09.2019 19:46