Currencies Ranked by Market Cap (M2 money supply)

The following overview shows the biggest currencies of the world, according to their market cap:


What do you think? How high will BTC go in the current bull market?
My best guess would be: between Gold and the HongKong Dollar.
If BTC goes to 100'000 $ (which I think it will), it will be about the size of the HongKong Dollar.
To reach the size of Gold, BTC needs to go to about 400'000 $ (I don't think that will happen).

So until the end of 2022, I expect BTC to become the 6th, 7th or 8th biggest currency in the world.
Have a nice week!

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23.09.2019 11:44

I saw this one as well today! Crazy to think that BTC marketcap is already bigger than some whole independent countries

23.09.2019 12:11

Yes, especially for a currency that has only been in existence for nearly 11 years.
2 years from now BTC will be in full puberty. I expect some wild turbulences then :-)

23.09.2019 12:18

Wow African Rand vor New Zealand Dollar. Bergbau vs Schafe denk ich mal

23.09.2019 13:34