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A Letter To Your 15-Year-Old Self

ver thought about that? Writing a letter yo your 15-year-old self? Hoping that some advice and lessons would be taught earlier before that incident happened. Hoping that you knew what was coming even before it came. Well, maybe I can't reverse time for you, but if you were to sit down and write a letter to your yesterday, how would the letter come out? Would it be a forewarning of something? Or about that missed opportunity? I would like to hear all that!

his week could get personal and I can't wait to receive all your loveentries.

em>PS PS : This contest is created only for the members of #powerhousecreatives but non-members can still send in your entries if you're interested to parte.



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. Write a g>

  1. Write a lettld Self.

    . The Old Self.

  2. The entry can be in any form. (P etc...)

    . Entring, etc...)

  3. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knr ocd :)

    . Add curie or ocd :)

  4. Add a nice title to your titles)

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  5. You may use other pr story.


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    1. here w title.

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    Sunday Night, 19/01/h1>

    Favourite Picks (1 Steem Each)

    If I Could, I Would by @justclickindiva

    Image by Dawid Zawila from 
    blockquote>If m steemitI would. ello C/unsplash.com/" rel="nofollow noopener">Unsplash
    ow this?


    Hello Chris. Remember you used to say that hundreds of times to yourself? How do I know this?

    Because I'm your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes, your dreams, your failures, and your triumphs molded and shaped into the being that will become your life. I have experienced all these for you over the time and space thaote>

    Be Afraid by @owasco

<p>f I kn by <a href=I Trust You by @free-reign

    Time Travel: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
    So look, I know you aren’t really prepared for this, since the technology that allows me to send this communication to you never existed until now, in the year 2020, but that’s not going to matter. Once you receive the communication, it will become an unforgettable memory for bote>

    warning you about what is to come.

    A letter to Carolina on her 15th by @carolinacardoza

    Photo by @carolinacardoza

    I want to write you this letter and I hope that something will happen to you after reading it. You know that I love you very much and the only thing I want is that you continue to do well in your life. You are now 15 years old and you are starting anotheote>

    Dear Former Self... by @porters

    letter to former self.jpg
    blockquote>Now steemit.com" href="https://pixa for me! ut it ok-gift-rose-table-background-3246278/" rel="noopener">source
    Noe years.
    was l fifty years ago for me!
    But it gave me an opportunity to reflect and see some of the changes that have come about over the years.
    I was looking at what wisdoms I could pass on to my former self, wisdoms that haote>

    Hi Dex, it's you! by @dexpartacus

    Picture by Free-Photos from Pixabay
    Dear Dex,

    Your rebellious spirit makes me think a lot,ng?

    em>I kearly, but stop and think a little bit about your future, wouldn't it be nice to choose a right school for you and commit more in studying?

    I know that you don't want to study or think too much about the futuote>

    Why you choose to live? by @mrnightmare89

    Photo by @mrnightmare89
    Hi, hellf alone.

    id you it funny that I'm thinking of you while I'm writing this. I imagine that both of us facing each other. It's fine because I used to talk myself alone.

    Did you know that A letter to the guide of my life. by @wakeupkitty

    blockquote>Dear Kitty,

    t is gay from steemit.com" href="https://pixabay.com/nl/photos/beschuit-met-mur alone.
    t 15 y3374" rel="nofollow noopener">source

    Dear Kitty,

    It is good there are two of us and you know that it is the reason why you are never alone.
    At 1oing on.
    o one ake decisions many adults are not capable of. I always wonder why you are that stroves you.
    hey caare always right and see long before others what is really going on.
    No one needs to wake you up. You see it clear, very cl a word.
    ou area single soul believes you.
    They call you naive, arrogant, haughty, too proud even hateful. You walk straight up, kote>

    enter;">A Letter to Me (15 years ago) by @claudio83

    blockq title="This link will take you away from steemit.com" href="https://www.pexels.com/photo/blank-bloom-blossom-business-356372/" rel="nofollow noopener">Source
    Life is never simple and every time we run into certain diffote>

    his wes. This does not mean giving up everything but it is necessary to take a larger run to jump a slightly higher obstacle.

    Thank You

    This week I've decided to reward everyone 1 Steem for trusting me with your personal stories. I for one am a very personal person and I tend to write down my thoughts and sentiments clearer on paper, so I really appreciate a lot of the honesty that I've read here in these letters you allmmunity.
    p>Thanbelieve all of them have their heartfelt moments and I thank you for being open, genuine and amazing people. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself to me and to the community.

    Thank you for sending in your original and awesome entries once again for PowerHouseCreatives weekly contest. Everyone gets something for participating and as my apology for one day delay in the results. The next contest would be announced tomorrow. We love your constant support and participation from all of you for this weekly contest.eem.

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20.01.2020 13:52

thank you thank you, God bless you

20.01.2020 14:02

Ur welcome :)

21.01.2020 03:35

Thank you @zord189, and all the others! Those letters were fantastic, powerful, and heartfelt.

20.01.2020 14:23

Enjoyed every moment reading them :)

21.01.2020 03:36

Amazing entries and sharing by each and every one who wrote a letter to their younger selves, well done!

20.01.2020 14:56

Agree :)

21.01.2020 03:38

Thanks @zord189. I appreciate the spotlight for my post. It was a bit hard to write, and at times brought tears to my eyes. That's why it took me so long. Thanks for accepting my entry.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. I'll visit each of your posts shortly. I can tell my the intros I'll have very good reading, so let me put some coffee on and settle in for some great PHC author posts, as always.

Continue to steem on and turn out great content fellow PHC members.

20.01.2020 16:05

I could feel you from the letter and I knew you put your heart into writing this. It's more than just an entry and I really appreciate that! Thank you for opening up!

21.01.2020 03:37

The ones I read are wonderful. I have to go back and read them all.

20.01.2020 21:10

The ones I read are
Wonderful. I have to go
Back and read them all.

                 - redheadpei

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20.01.2020 21:10

Thanks @haikubot! Glad you are on the lookout. 😊

20.01.2020 21:11

Agree. They're all really good

21.01.2020 03:37

What a wonderful contest! I am sorry I missed it. The last few weeks have been bananas! I see some wonderful entries. Wow. Such beauty and creativity!

21.01.2020 03:38

It's okay @jayna, there's always next contest :)

21.01.2020 03:46

You're way too kind, thank you so very much @zord189, I really enjoyed this challenge, loved reading the other stories! Well done everyone:)

21.01.2020 04:10

Thank you for the Steem!
It was quite a wonderful contest and I have been enjoying reading the letters to our 15 year old selves!
Maybe next contest should be a letter to our future self!

21.01.2020 05:15

thanks for your creativity, you gave us a looked back of how we are before. The topic was nice because for some reason I think I need to say something for my old self.. again thank you very much

21.01.2020 06:20

21.01.2020 15:51

Thanks man! Great contest! I enjoy it a lot!😀✌️

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