Request a bet and get a refund plus 10% when the bet loses.

Hello friends.

I am back with another exciting initiative that will kick start from this very moment. Ever since I published my idea to posts quality and improve SPORTS utilization, I have been thinking of a way to onboard more users, improve SPORTS price, and increase SPORTS transactions.

I found the solution.

Request a bet service

The betting industry is a very big one with lot of opportunities there. One of this is the tipster part. As a successful tipster, I look to provide my services for the better of the platform and community members.

Request a bet is a paid service that sees both parties benefit at the end of the day. Users will be able to request a tip on any match of their choice. There will be a fixed price the user will pay to get the tip. The tip will be sent to the user. If the tip wins, there will be no refund. In any case of a loss, the money will be refunded plus an additional 10%.

The fixed price is 1000 SPORTS that will be sent to Zoneboy. Tips will be encrypted and sent to your steemit account. You can login to with your MEMO KEY to decrypt the memo. I believe it will be bad if your paid tip is seen by the general public


The service is starting with football and will include more sports as times goes on.


  • Send the 1000 SPORTS with the match as Memo to zoneboy with a link of communication. E.g Arsenal Vs Chelsea.
  • The Message should be sent 3 hours before the match kickoff.
  • The encrypted tip will be sent to you within the next hour.
  • All tips end in 90 minutes.
  • A match per message per tip.
  • In a situation where there is no tip for that match, your 1000 SPORTS will be refunded.

Use Case

John sent zoneboy 1000 SPORTS with the memo Algeria vs Senegal. Zoneboy receives the message and replies John with the tip Algeria will win. Odd 2.89 fully encrypted. John will login with his Memo key to view the tip

John will bet on any bookie of choice and win. In any event of a loss, Zoneboy sends John 1100 SPORTS.

I don't know how the community will receive the above but I can assure you that it is for the good. It has so many advantages.

You may now ask, what will the SPORTS gotten be used for in the event that the tips won.

  • Half of the SPORTS sent in exchange for tips will be powered up into SP to be used for curation.
  • The remaining half will be sent to Sportsvoter when the service launches in exchange for the steemit upvote.

I will analyze the response of users to this initiative and look into the future.


  • Include many sports like Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Boxing, Horse racing, Baseball, and so on.
  • More tipsters will be on-boarded after verification.
  • There will be an interface where users can see each tipster records.
  • Users can easily request a bet from any of the tipster
  • The interface will be modified to include easy purchase of SPORTS via debit/credit card/ PayPal and so on.

The above is subject to modification as time goes on.

You can start requesting your bets now.

Let me know your thought below.

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