Wha-what? ~ Peoplephotography by @worldcapture Week #42

Hello today, guys!

I have couple of funny shots for Peoplephotography contest kindly hosted by @worldcapture.

It was early in a the morning of Saturday. The city was sleepy, empty and calm. My husband and I got up so early as our one-day trip should begin at 7:15. None of us can eat so early, and we just caught a taxi, came to the start, got in a mini bus and ... Soon we realized that it's not our tour, and the one we booked is ... tomorrow.

I'd feel like a fool returning home, so we decided just to walk in the quiet streets. I must confess it was an interesting walk. Someone was just returning home after Friday night party. Some people were already standing in a line waiting for opening of ... I didn't understand what were they waiting for, but never saw crowd of waiting people so early by a pharmacy.

We walked like this, and suddenly - WHA-WHAAT?! My first guess was my eyes or brain plays with me. I didn't have my morning coffee, and it might be a mistake. But no! A girl sitting on the ledge of the second floor. I stopped and looked more carefully. Of course, it was a mannequin installed there as an advertisement of photo salon. Her face was hidden under a cap, and a luminous lens changed color, so that she looked just like alive.

Could I just pass it by? Nooo :) Here, have a look:


And this is a close-up shot:


Well, as I took out my camera, I looked around is there something else I can photograph. On the opposite side of the street, a clothing store caught my attention. The colored lanterns at the entrance were still lit, and the entrance looked like a fairy.




Thank you for coming along today, I hope you enjoy your day. Because it is Friday! And colorful fall season is on its middle!



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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 5 of my contest just started...check it out!
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11.10.2019 07:17

Well you must be glad it wasn't your eyes playing up on you although it does look pretty real from a distance what a great find 👍

11.10.2019 10:43

It was a good find for a vain early start on my day off )
Thank you, @hangin

11.10.2019 12:52

How funny. Have a great weekend my friend 👍

12.10.2019 08:47

Thanks, and same to you

12.10.2019 12:36

I think I would have to look three or four times at the mannequin to be sure. In today's world (around here anyway) actual people act like mannequins to fool you and get your attention...which always works on me.

11.10.2019 14:09

Yes, probably, but there are no audience in the streets on Saturday morning :) But you live in a funny world :D
Much appreciate your nice comment!

11.10.2019 15:37
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11.10.2019 15:38

I thought the manikin was a real person at first lol

11.10.2019 14:14

You also fall for it :)

11.10.2019 15:35

Fantastic photos, especially the first one! At a first look, the figure looks a real woman on the ledge, wow!

11.10.2019 20:10

:D :D :D
Especially in the morning, when you're not cometely awaken ))
Glad you like them. Thank you for a visit, and your comments are always so great to see ))

12.10.2019 12:41

Congratz with finding Paris 😉
That deserves some $trdo (and they're not sitting on the ledge 😂)

11.10.2019 23:33

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11.10.2019 23:33

Ha-ha, I appreciate your generosity!

12.10.2019 14:15

What cool things you spotted both are awesome

Have a great weekend

12.10.2019 12:29

Thank you for a visit! Have a nice weekend too

12.10.2019 14:22

Most welcome and so far so good :) Posted with

12.10.2019 22:54

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14.10.2019 07:31