Sonic Groove Live, Week 2 - My Top 5


Hello, again!

Just gotta say...I can tell this will only get harder as the weeks progress.

I'm still quite new to this – having spent much more time on the vulnerable side of being an entrant – so I'm learning as I go...figuring out what matters to me as I watch and listen. At times, it's hard to explain or even understand why some entries effect me more than others.

Though @ausbitbank created an incredibly useful tool for us (THANK YOU!), even the most advanced software can only account for so much. There are certain qualities that are tough to measure – emotional responses that don't quite fit into neatly organized metrics.

Each of us five judges are such different people; I'm sure we're responding to varying aspects. As such, there will always be difficult decisions that must be made. Figuring out how to do so graciously will be my priority as I develop my evaluative senses.

I suspect I'll edit this list as needed, moving forward, but...for now, I figure it can't hurt to share a little bit about what I'm paying attention to.

My Considerations

  • Emotional Connection – Aside from hearing an authentic connection, I also want to see how the song/music makes you feel. Make me feel it, too.
  • Vocal Quality/Control^ – I don't expect you to be classically trained, but I do hope you at least stay on pitch.
  • Instrumental Abilities^ – Again...not looking for virtuosos or prodigies nor perfection , but most of the piece should be played reasonably well, without too much fumbling.
  • Song Structure^ – Does the story, wether lyric or melodic, keep me interested? Are the lyrics clever and universal? Or are they forced and/or cliche? Can I relate to their sentiment?
  • Engagement – I want to see your eyes...not locked with the camera the whole time, but at least some of the time. Draw me into your experience as a performer!
  • Confidence – I know entering a contest like this takes courage. I want to see whatever part of you believes enough in yourself to inspire your participation.
  • Creativity – Even if you're sharing a cover, you can be creative in how you create your entry. Surprise me with something unexpected!
  • Recording Quality – I completely understand that a lot of people can't afford more than a smartphone; I'll always take that into account. Still, as a photographer, I can't help but respond to entries that make extra effort to record both audio and visual in high quality.
  • Entertainment – Are you retaining my attention? In other I able to watch without becoming distracted? This really is a combo of all of the above...
  • Content/Length – Especially as this contest grows, we've got a lot of entries to consider...please, in consideration of our time, don't choose songs that are unusually lengthy!
  • Subtlety – I appreciate performances that aren't overly dramatic. Sometimes, less is more.

^ = if applicable


Top 5 for Week #2:


@origin1618, @laveroarmas, @paomota, @eduardocdp, @jonathantvzla, @llovera and @fioalexa • [ 'Immortal' by La Oreja de Van Gogh (cover)]

Despite the poor recording quality (which I understand the reason for), this entry had me dancing in my chair and smiling so big!

You are all so incredibly talented and clearly loving creating music together. It was impossible not to respond to such bright smiles and shining spirits! I do wish I could've heard the voices a bit more, but I'm still quite impressed!

I listened several times, loving every second of it. Your vibrant energy is contagious!

A pesar de la mala calidad de grabación (que entiendo por qué), ¡esta entrada me hizo bailar en mi silla y sonreír tanto!

Todos ustedes son increíblemente talentosos y claramente amorosos creando música juntos. ¡Era imposible no responder a esas sonrisas brillantes y espíritus brillantes! Desearía haber escuchado las voces un poco más, ¡pero todavía estoy bastante impresionado!

Escuché varias veces, amando cada segundo. ¡Tu energía vibrante es contagiosa!


@edwardstobia • ['I always want to be better' by @wilins (cover)]

This was a beautiful way to honor your friend's music. I'm sure @wilins agrees!

Your emotional connection to this song is palpable – a bit vulnerable and raw. Really beautifully conveyed. Isn't it lovely when other people's lyrics feel as though they were written for us?

While I was admittedly a bit distracted by the focus going in and out, I appreciate the overall quality of both audio and visual recordings. Though I know few can afford the investment, it's nice to see high quality equipment being put to good use!

Esta fue una hermosa manera de honrar la música de tus amigos. ¡Estoy seguro de que @wilins está de acuerdo!

Tu conexión emocional con esta canción es palpable, un poco vulnerable y cruda. Realmente bellamente transmitido. ¿No es encantador cuando las letras de otras personas sienten que fueron escritas para nosotros?

Aunque ciertamente estaba un poco distraído por el enfoque que entraba y salía, aprecio la calidad general de las grabaciones de audio y visuales. Aunque sé que pocos pueden permitirse la inversión, ¡es agradable ver que se utiliza un equipo de alta calidad!


@ylich • ['What one day was will not be' by Gaita (cover)]

What a fun surprise! It certainly appeared as though you very much enjoyed putting this entry together. :)

Having done something similar myself, I know and appreciate how much work goes into this kind of layering. It's literally 3 times the work, but – WOW – what an impact it makes!

Thank you for taking the time and putting in the extra effort. So much fun!

¡Qué sorpresa tan divertida! Ciertamente parecía que disfrutabas mucho compilando esta entrada. :)

Habiendo hecho algo similar, sé y aprecio cuánto trabajo se dedica a este tipo de capas. Es literalmente 3 veces el trabajo, pero, ¡GUAU, qué impacto tiene!

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo y hacer un esfuerzo extra. ¡Muy divertido!


@orlandogonzalez • ['The Blues of Solitude' by Miguel Ríos (cover)]

There you go again with that beautifully soft voice – you have such sweet control of the most subtle aspects of your vocals. It's not easy explaining why it has such a soothing effect on me...I suppose it's just the right sound for me of late.

I did find myself wanting to see just a bit more engagement with your audience. If possible, perhaps you can place the camera more in front of you next time. ;)

Thank you for sharing yet another lovely lullaby!

Ahí vas de nuevo con esa voz bella y suave: tienes un control tan dulce de los aspectos más sutiles de tu voz. No es fácil explicar por qué tiene un efecto tan relajante en mí ... Supongo que es el sonido adecuado para mí últimamente.

Me encontré con ganas de ver un poco más de compromiso con su audiencia. Si es posible, quizás pueda colocar la cámara más delante de usted la próxima vez. ;)

¡Gracias por compartir otra encantadora canción de cuna!


@mayneth • ['Something about me' by Camilo Sesto (cover)]

This was short but absolutely packed with passion!

I love the playful perspective you chose – allowing us to see you from two angles made it that much more entertaining.

I'm quite impressed by your ability to play while standing up without using a guitar strap – not an easy task! And then you made my jaw drop with your awesome scat singing at the end – totally caught me by surprise!

Hope to see more from you in future!

¡Esto fue corto pero absolutamente lleno de pasión!

Me encanta la perspectiva lúdica que elegiste: permitirnos verte desde dos ángulos lo hizo mucho más entretenido.

Estoy bastante impresionado por tu habilidad para tocar mientras estás de pie sin usar una correa de guitarra , ¡no es una tarea fácil! Y luego me dejaste boquiabierto con tu increíble scat cantando al final, ¡me sorprendiste por completo!

¡Espero ver más de ti en el futuro!

Honorable Mention

@donlucho • ['Elizabeth' by Frank Quintero (cover)]

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well – you sounded beautiful, regardless! If you sing this well while sick, I can't wait to hear what comes from a healthier you.

I'm touched to imagine you teaching this song to your children; what an endearing way to instill them with a love of music and performance. Perhaps we'll hear from them someday... ;)

Lamento que no te sintieras bien, ¡sin embargo, sonabas hermosa! Si suenas así de bien mientras estás enfermo, no puedo esperar a escuchar lo que proviene de un tú más saludable.

Me conmueve imaginarte enseñando esta canción a tus hijos; qué manera tan entrañable de inculcarles un amor por la música y el rendimiento. Tal vez tengamos noticias de ellos algún día ...


That's it for this week!

Thank you to all who participated! Looking forward to what you've all got planned for next week.

Until then,
xo, zippy


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