Sonic Groove Live, Week 10 - My Top 5


And Now We're Ten!

Am I the only one who feels like it's been simultaneously much longer than that and also not that long at all?

Ten weeks! I think we're settling into our groove – learning how this whole thing works. I, for one, am trying to be better about scheduling time into my weekend – so I may listen with the fullness of my attention rather than racing against a clock. I've had a lot going on (offline) so it's been a challenge, but I'm workin' it out!

Let's see how this week sounded...



@partitura • ['Waltz nr. 2' by Dmitri Shostakovich (Cover)]

Oooh...this was simultaneously enchanting and creepy! You have such a way of transporting me to some strange, dream-like space – like I'm skipping through a carnival tent, or tip-toeing across a tightrope, balancing a tiny parasol on my shoulder, doing my best to ignore the hundred feet of space below me. Thank you for reminding me how much can be said through music, without uttering one word. Love it!


@exoelias • ['Tú' by Shakira (Cover)]

Love that doubled guitar intro; such a gorgeous combination of acoustic and electric – brilliantly executed! Your passionate renditions are always a joy to listen to. I particularly appreciate the softer moments with your voice; those that highlight the sweet subtlety of your vocal control.


@elisonr13 • ['Eres Tú, Jesús' (Original)]

Firstly, those birds in the background are such a delightful addition, so perfectly fitting the vibe of your song. I just love your songwriting style, so much! Your voice lands in my ears like a warm cup of tea in my hands; so warm and comforting. Thank you!


@barski • ['You've Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story)' (Cover)]

Wonderful, as per usual, Peter! You seem to enjoy playing this one, perhaps a little more than others. You almost looked like you were dancin' a little while you played. Made me smile. :)


@esthersanchez • ['Hijo de la Luna/ son of the Moon' (Cover)]

This song was well-chosen for your voice – I can tell you absolutely enjoy singing it! I also quite enjoyed Orlando's accompaniment. Bravo!


Honorable Mentions

@contrabourdon • [’Vom Himmel hoch’ by Johann Pachelbel (Cover)]

Wonderful! Like Partitura, you're quite a gifted organ player. :)

@ylich • ['Linda Illusion' (Cover)]

I know I can always count on you for an energetic, joyful entry! Thanks for makin' me dance in my chair...again. ;)

@jubei333 • ['The Real Old Mountain Dew' (Traditional Irish Drinking Song)]

Those were some seriously impressive vocal acrobatics! I can see why you needed a wee swig of whiskey to wet yer whistle! You always make me giggle – this time was no exception.

@edmundocentenor • ['Tormento' by Francesco Paolo Tosti & Ricardo Mazzola (Cover)]

Such powerful emotion in this one! I so wish I could hear that exceptional voice of yours through better recording equipment.

@lk666, featuring Camilla Murphy • ['Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart' by H.I.M. (Cover)]

Lovin' this papa/daughter duo! Technicalities aside, it's clear you two greatly enjoy creating music together. I hope you continue to do just that. :)


That's A Wrap!

I know it takes time and is quite the vulnerable endeavor, yet some of you enter every week! I don't know how you do it, yet I appreciate your dedication!

In addition those listed above, we also had entries from @eugelys, @organduo & @iwan2believe. Thank you for participating!

Unfortunately, we had one entry that wasn't valid as it had no intro, so we couldn't verify it was filmed for this contest. Please make sure you introduce yourself, including your name, 'Sonic Groove Live' and the week you're entering. We want your effort to count!

Cheers to the rest of the SGL team – @krystle, @isaria, @pechichemena, @joseacabrerav, @ausbitbank, @paintingangels & @swelker101. It takes a village. <3

Until Next Week,
xo, zippy


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Hahaha, thank you for making me happy... again! 🤗

11.11.2019 03:13

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11.11.2019 03:15

Thanks a lot! It is good to know that you enjoyed my performance, because at the end of the day that is what it is about. Provide your best and create an atmosphere in which we all feel comfortable. Thanks again! <3

11.11.2019 11:22

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11.11.2019 21:11

Thanks for sharing this on PYPT. I now have a soundtrack to listen to today while I work on some posts.

14.11.2019 18:03

Such talented folks! The organ music I especially enjoyed!

I would have to say my favorite out of the bunch is @barski's entry. I love guitar, and while I can not play and am no expert, I like his particular playing style.

Thank you for sharing all of these talented musicians on the #PYPT Podcast!

17.11.2019 17:41