Sonic Groove Live, Week 1 – My Top 5

Hello, humans of the blockchain realms.

I've been admittedly quiet here (and on all related platforms) but that doesn't mean I haven't been actively engaged.

In fact, I've been workin' away creating the branding/graphic design for this awesome new contest. I'm deeply honored and humbled by the invitation to not only contribute visually, but also to be a judge. It's been such a delight to watch/listen to the awesome entries for our first week!

I've gotta say – choosing is a rather difficult thing. Regardless of talent, there's just so much heart and courage in these entries. So, before I list my choices, let me just're all winners in my book.

Sharing oneself in this way is a decidedly vulnerable thing – I know because I've done it myself. You dared to put yourselves out there – to boldly broadcast your sounds and voices and let yourself be heard.

I applaud each and every one of you.

That said, my top 5 selections are as follows:


center> @uisferchav 'Drive' by Incubus (cover)

I suppose this comes as no surprise – the exceptional talents of @luisferchav are well-known 'round these parts. Naturally, his entry into SGL Week 1 did not disappointment.

This was just such a lovely, seemingly effortless performance. From brilliantly executed vocals to well-played accompaniment, it's obvious he's played this song many times before; he clearly feels it, and so closely approximates the original...had I not seen him playing, I might've mistaken him for Incubus!

Well done, Luis! I look forward to hearing more from you in weeks to comee. :)


center> @shyculture'Bethena' by Scott Joplin (cover)

What can I say? I'm a sucker for old-timey piano.

Perhaps it's the absolute rawness of this performance; the outright acceptance of the occasional, fumbling imperfections – the audible, mid-way 'workin' it out' hums – or maybe it's the underlying 'that's all, folks' sentiment that propels her fingers – but this kinda hit me in the feels. I found myself humming along, feeling nostalgic and even a lil' sad to imagine such an intriguing character leaving this grand, blockchain experiment...and we've only just 'met'.

I know we're not Open Mic (that contest was part of what first got me hooked on Steemit, so I understand), but we are trying to fill that significant gap. I can only hope you decide to stick around a lil' while longer, Miss Fabulous Fish – if for no other reason than to see how this SGL thing unfolds. ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed that we haven't heard the last from youou...


center> @66'Like A Stone' by Audioslave (cover)

What an excellent cover! I hadn't heard this song in such a lonnng time. It really sent me back – felt like I was in my 20's again!

Needless to say...I'm impressed; this is no easy song to manage. Talk about a wide vocal range! Hitting those super high notes takes major skill and breath-support. Holding those tones while also quite capably playing guitar only makes it more note-worthy (pun-intended!)

Bravo, @lk666! Thank you for sharing your powerfully rich voice with us. More, pleasease!


center> @orlaonzalez'Our Love' theme by Silvio Rodríguez (cover)

Orlando, tu dulce voz es como un bálsamo encantador para mi corazón cansado. Tan suave, gentil y reconfortante: ¡podría escucharte cantar todo el día! ¡Gracias por compartir esta encantadora canción de cuna con nosotros!

Orlando, your sweet voice is like a lovely balm for my tired heart. So soft and gentle and comforting – I could listen to you sing all day long! Thank you for sharing this beautiful lullaby with us!



<centendreavu • 'Perdition' by the La Quinta Estación Group (cover)

Querida, me ganaste con tu evidente pasión y hermosa voz. Me encanta el ambiente de baja fidelidad de este video ... como si estuviera sentado en tu cama contigo mientras cantas tu hermoso corazón. ¿Quién no disfrutaría de una actuación tan íntima? ;)

My dear, you won me over with your obvious passion and gorgeous voice. I love the low-fi vibe of this I'm sitting on your bed with you as you sing your beautiful heart out. Who wouldn't enjoy such an intimate performance?! ;)


That's it for this week!

Big thanks to all who participated in our inaugural contest. I'm hoping more people catch wind of this and begin filling our feeds with wonderfully surprising musical performances. Help us spread the word!

Until next week,
xo, zippy


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09.09.2019 01:02

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09.09.2019 01:02

Wao! Hi @zipporah!

Que palabras tan bellas e inspiradoras! Me alegra mucho haberte transmitido este sentimiento. Espero poder decirte siempre algo con mi música e interpretaciones. Muchas gracias!!

translation: What beautiful and inspiring words! I am very happy to have transmitted this feeling. I hope I can always tell you something with my music and performances. Thank you!!

09.09.2019 04:08

¡Con esa voz maravillosamente relajante tuya, estoy seguro de que siempre lo harás!


With that wonderfully soothing voice of yours, I’m quite sure you always will!

14.09.2019 17:39

Hey @zipporah!

WOW thank you so much!!!
That's really high praise coming from you!!
I'm really happy @krystle got you guys to judge this contest! I look forward to see this contest grow!!

09.09.2019 06:17

The praise comes quite easily with you — so well-deserved! Thank you for participating. 🌿

14.09.2019 17:45

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09.09.2019 08:14

Thank you! I am deeply honored by your kind words. I am not the type to ever say "never" so I may be back, I just have to step away for a bit, the whole internet dream is turning so Orwellian for me.

09.09.2019 13:58

I do understand. Still, I think we’re part of something good here — far better than crackbook or any of the other mainstream platforms!

Thank you for entering! I truly enjoyed it. 💕

14.09.2019 17:37

@zipporah Muchas Gracias por tan lindas palabras, estoy muy feliz por estar incluida en tu top5 que belleza

09.09.2019 17:25

¡Gracias por agregar tu dulce voz! Amo tu energía! 🌺

Thank you for adding your sweet voice! I love your energy! 💕

14.09.2019 17:49

Hello @zipporah, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

12.09.2019 06:03

WOW! I have missed you, and music!
SO cool, to see it back.

Thanks for sharing this on #pypt @pypt today

12.09.2019 15:41

Thanks for stopping by, Bluefy! 🤗

14.09.2019 17:50

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12.09.2019 15:46

I am glad that this opportunity for your to judge became available, so there is another outlet into which you can pour your passion for music! Thank you for sharing your selections at PYPT! 😊

12.09.2019 22:17

It’s definitely a big shift for me — judging is hard! But I do hope I can learn how to be a fair judge. 🙏🏼 Love you, KittyG! 🤗🌺

14.09.2019 17:53

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30.09.2019 13:01

The music I have discovered and artists I have met on STEEM are awesome. Here are some more great tunes I and the rest of the #pypt folks can enjoy!


14.09.2019 14:10

It’s true; this place is full of talent! We’re just trying to give people a good way to share that... ⭐️ Thanks for listenin’! ✨

14.09.2019 17:54

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30.09.2019 13:01