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ICON Sweden (Introduction)

ICON Sweden (Introduction)

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ICON Sweden has headquarter in Stockholm. We are located at Kista ICT cluster (also known as The Silicon Valley of Sweden). It is the HUB of Global Enterprises, Universities, and Research Centers.

Why you decided to join as a P-Rep?

“We are confident that new innovations in Blockchain Technology and Business Models has the potential to fundamentally change The Global Economy and Social Systems."

ICON has the potential to "HYPERCONNECT THE WORLD". It can ensure mass-market adoption by integrating diverse blockchain systems and communities.

We are a group of Blockchain Enthusiasts. We support & strive for Decentralized Community-Backed Block Producers.

We were the "1st" P-Rep Applicant. We are with ICON, since ICO Launch, from 2017.

What Experience ICON Sweden has?

ICON Sweden manages complex Hybrid-Cloud Blockchain Infrastructures. We provide Security, Privacy, Reliable Operations, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Services.

We are Block Producers and have active Block Production Nodes in several Blockchain Projects, such as;

Our CPU executions times are below "1.3 ms", and we have not been hacked or seen any down time, so far...

What is most unique strength ICON Sweden has?

We apply Industry "Best Practices" in

  • Information Security,
  • Privacy, and
  • Risk Management.

Security is our top priority. The standards and frameworks that we use, focus on, every aspect of security, for example;

  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Node Hardninig
  • Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Analysis
    • Access Controls / Segregation of Duties
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Disaster Recovery, and Backup Procedures
  • ....

The team members of ICON Sweden have experience in

  • managing Business Critical "Data Center Operations",
  • Security,
  • Risk Management,
  • Financial Services,
  • Privacy and related legislation's, such as; EU GDPR, and Financial Regulations.

Introduce your team?

Currently, we are 7 people and our team is growing. Here you can read about our team members;

We have a diverse team. Most of our team members have 2 or more Technical Masters degrees (with major in Computer Science, Security, Project Management).

Most of us have more than 10 years of technical experience in big Global Enterprises; such as Ericsson, HP, IBM and big Banks.

How is your team going to contribute to the ICON ecosystem?

We will contribute from three aspects;

  • 1: Security:

Our Top Priority is to Deploy and Manage highly Secure, Reliable, Resilient, and Redundant P-Rep Infrastructure.

We can contribute by sharing our knowledge and experience in this area.

  • 2: Community Growth:

We will focus on the growth of "ICON Community". We will utilize our EOS links to expand our reach and grow ICON Community. We will do this by;

  • organizing Meetups
  • contacting Universities and Youth
  • arranging Seminars and Conferences
  • using Social Media channels more aggressively
  • 3: Mass Market Adoption:

Mass market adoption is the key for the success of public Blockchain. To ensure Mass Market Adoption it has to be;

  • user Friendly,
  • public Friendly,
  • enterprise Friendly, and even
  • government Friendly

We want to focus on e-Governance. We believe that e-Governance related DApps can ensure Mass Market Adoption. One project we have in our mind is to integrate a Blockchain ID (ICX Public Address) with National ID (which is accepted by Governments).

If we do this then National IDs will become a wallet itself. This ensures that every citizen can have a Blockchain Identity and it opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

What do you expect ICON to be like in 2021?

  • Definitely ICON has the potential to be top 10 in the coinmarketcap

We see ICON Hyperconnecting all Industry Segments & diverse Communities.

Welcome to ICON Sweden

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