Achievement 5 Task 2 by @ziabutt3836 : Review

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Hello Every Steemians, Accept Greetings form My end. It is time to write the second task of my 5th achievement because by the grace of Almighty God my first task of 5th achievement got verification. In this post, I try my best to give a detailed Review of

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Steemscan give us every information about the Steem blockchain like,

  • Latest Prices and Volumes of Steem
  • Witnesses
  • Account summery through Search option
  • Latest Transactions and Blocks
    • Transfer , Rewards
    • Comments , Votes
    • Account update, Account create
    • Power Up, Power Down
    • Order Create, Order Cancel

Steemscan is also an offical steem exchange to convert Steem into other cyrpto currencies which are BTC, USDT and TRX. You can convert steem into other cyrpto currencies in four simple steps,

  • Set the amount of Steem you’d like to convert
  • Choose a currency between USDT, BTC, TRX
  • Put your withdrawal Address
  • Create the order

For Experts it is very easy to get money out of wallet and trade but for New users of Steem, It is a big challenge to get money out of the wallet. @futureshock and @roadofrich make this challenge easy for the new users by integrating a way easy exchange in Steemscan, the greatest Steem Blockchain Explorer.


line breK 01.png

Explain the current Steem price and volumes on date of submission of this review?

Steem Price :

On the Home page of Steemscan, the price of STEEM is being displayed at the top. At the time of post, Price of steem is 0.71 USD. It means on 1 Steem is equale to 0.71 USD.


Steem is a fundamental cryptocurrency of the Steemit network, and the other two cryptocurrencies (Steem Dollars and Steem Power) are dependent on it.
There is a chart in Steemscan under Heading of Latest Steem prices and Volumes which show 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 quarter and 1 year chart of Steem prices.


Steem Volume :

Volume of Steem in a particular exchange means total number of steem traded and Volume of last 24 hours means Number of Steems traded in last 24 hours.


This chart of Volume shows us the last 24 hours graph of volume and there also options to see 1 week, 1 month, 1 quarter and 1 year volume charts.


The term circulating supply refers to the number of cryptocurrency coins or tokens that are publicly available and circulating in the market.
The circulating supply of a cryptocurrency can increase or decrease over time.
At the time of post ciruculating Supply is 383,313,754 STEEM and 7,666,279 SBD.

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Explain What all information is shown under latest transactions and latest blocks section?

Latest transactions :

Under Latest transactions, we can see latest transactions happening on Steem blockchain like Transfer, Comment, Delete Comment, Account Update, Account Create, Custom JSON, Vote, Claim Reward, Curation Reward, Delegate, Witness Vote, Power Up, Power Down, Order Create and Order Cancel. Details of above transactions like Bolck ID, Timestamp, Sender, Receiver, Type of Transaction and amount are also written below latest transactions.


Latest Blocks :

Under Latest Blocks, we can see latest blocks that were mined by witnesses in Steem Blockchain. Details of blocks like blocks Mined by, block ID, Timestamp, block transactions and height are shown under latest blocks.


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Explain What all information is shown under Witnesses section and steps to vote a Witness?

Witness :

A witness basically means a signature. It’s something that attests to the authenticity of something. We can explore the Steem witness list and directly vote for any witness on the list directly from Steemscan.
We can see different information under witnesses section like

  • Total Number of Witnesses
  • Total Mined Steem
  • Last Block Height
  • Transactions Counts
  • Current Witness
  • List of Ranking of Witnesses


Vote a Witness

Simply locate the Vote button in the list of witness ranking as shown bellow and click vote button.


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Explain What is DApps and mention 3 DApps which you have already used or may use in future as per your interest?

Dapp :

Dapp means Decentralized Application that run on blockchain and outside the boundaries and control of a single authority.
Facebook and Twitter, runs on a computer system which is owned and operated by an organization, giving it full authority over the app and its workings. There may be multiple users on one side, but the backend is controlled by a single organization.


I use following there Dapps in my daily routine.

  1. Steemit
  2. Steemworld
  3. Steemscan

I use Steemit for Posting, Steamworld for checking details of my accounts and Steemscan as an Exchange.

line breK 01.png

Explain How to use "Quick Convert" and what is the fee charged for different Steem amount for withdrawal?

Quick Convert :

exchange is official and the most secure Steem exchange of blockchain. It is the fastest if you need to get your money out by converting into other crypto currencies. It offers the possibility to change in different currencies starting from USDT (us dollars), BTC (bitcoin) and TRX (tron).

We can convert Steem to any above currreny by using Steemscan in 4 simple steps,

  1. Set the amount of Steem you’d like to convert
  2. Choose a currency between USDT, BTC, TRX
  3. Put your withdrawal Address
  4. Create the order


Fee Charges :

Fee charges are fixed for every amount.

Currency Withdraw Fee Charged
BTC 0.00050320 BTC
USDT 1.11231447 USDT
TRX 7.21000000 TRX
line breK 01.png

Explain what information is provided by the "Search" feature?

Search :

We can search account summery of anyone by writing his Username in Top Search Bar.



We can also use the super deep search feature to find out what happened with any of our transactions (or block) in case something happened or we have any doubt about a transaction. That is for the search feature in the menu.

Notice Board : All Screenshots used in this post are taken by me from my Laptop.


Special thanks goes to @jawad101 for developing this wonderful task and @hassanabid , @haidermehdi , @rashid001, @vvarishayy, @yousafharoonkhan for their guidance and @steemcurator03 , @world-of-cricket , @tarpan , @zero-to-infinity for their support.

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