Cities With Highest Salary in The World


Most people want to have a job with enough salary even more than that. But if you want get high salary you must work hard. Do you know ? you can get paid high salary if you work in these cities. If you want getting high salary, you can working in San Francisco because the city have risen salary up 30% and one of cities with highest salary on the world.

Not even in San Francisco, some cities offering you with highest salary if you work in these city, maybe you must try to propose on these city.



San Francisco, U.S


Zurich, Switzerland


Sydeny, Australia


Oslo, Norway


Copenhagen, Denmark


London, U.K


Johannesburg, South Africa


You can check on top table, and start to find a job in the country. If San Francisco have increase salary to theirs employee, while Buenos Aires on Argentina losses salary where a decline of 45% left monthly income becames $550 because inflation that struck the city.

Meanwhile these city offering lowest payment for their employee, cities with the lowest monthly incomes were Cairo, Egypt just $200 and Lagos, Nigeria just $250.

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