Expecting to have some fun when I am restrained at home due to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia outside

Hi guys,

This is Zheng from China mainland, a student majoring in Petroleum Engineering at the China University of Petroleum. I have learned English as a foreign language for over 10 years, while still not well good at it. Also, this is my first blog completely with English. Thus, some sentences may confuse you, please don't mind. Ok, let's start.
PS: How do you think of my hair?
Currently, I live in Jingzhou City, located in Hubei Province, China, which is nearly 200 Km away from Wuhan City. As you know, Wuhan city is the center of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, containing almost 80K patients suffered from severe disease. Additionally, there are about 15K patients in Jingzhou City. In order to mitigate the increasing number of patients, the Chinese government restricts our activities outside, or we will face serious punishment. Thus, we have to stay at home, fortunately, my mother prepares a lot of food for the Chinese New Year, my family can still eat a meal normally.
I post this message just for saying hello to you guys and inform you that health is really important for our human beings, and also the freedom. So, just enjoy the day. Hopefully, the impact of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia will pass away in upcoming days.
Moreover, if you have some ideas for funny indoor games, just let me know.
Happy to see your comments.



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