Trees Talk…and Sometimes They Also Tell Lies

....Guided by the delusion of human centrality and human power, some are calling for instantaneous and total changes—always the messianic call to crisis and mass response. Personally, I am all for a return to the hunting and gathering lifestyle of our distant ancestors—except I do not hunt, and my gathering skills have recently been proven to be questionable. As for everyone else, one cannot expect the same degree of unrealistic enthusiasm. So-called “Green New Deals,” if taken seriously, could entail the most massive excursion into the severest and most globalized forms of political dictatorship ever known. If not drastic, the program is not feasible; if drastic, the program becomes politically unsustainable; and, if it is less than drastic, then it lacks credibility. Such massive and rapid change is inevitably a project of extreme authoritarianism and great violence, led by élites monopolizing power, and there can be no question and no room for resistance. It is about cultural engineering on a scale never even imagined before....

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