Bitcoin Pictogram Puzzle play or add to the prize!!!

Well I had a ideal to do this for fun so I put some BTC in a paper wallet and turn the private key into a pictogram puzzle feel free to play or donate to the wallet to increase the prize. I will give out clues on youtube and twitch do a search for zephurosx or bitcoin pictogram puzzle


If you would like to donate to me please use these address or use referral links below thank you for your support


ETH 0x421ec9f9c7eb3a15f45b02cb7dbe8264a84a7137

PIVX DSFVoyYPC4Fdhsauosc7qZnyypYXyoPNuF

Brave Browser awsome browser works great no adds or commercials and blocks tracking

Step 1 get a CoinBase account going. Already have one great go to step 2
Step 2 Get some free XLM
Step 3 Get some free EOS


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