BetTronLive's Token : TRON & RAKE

The effect of advanced technology in the world of gambling innovation continues to grow very fast. As people are inherently into gambling eversince , they love it even more when it comes to online gambling .

Why is that? It is because they see online gaming as being accessible and convenient - you don't need to travel or drive far just to satisfy your cravings for gambling. ; exciting - that feeling of having the thrill if you'll win or loose the game ; being anonymous - with online casinos , people can play without providing their real identitiy ; have variety of games - olayers love online gaming even more because by just opening their PC'sand a click they have more options on what game to play; Lastly, and i believe the very reason of playing ... Earning money while having fun - of course those who loves to play for fun also loves to win, and by winning , you get money.


This is why @BetTronlive will be perfect to those who loves online gaming and online casino. BetTronLive is a live dealer casino that is based Tron Netwrok Blockchain. The platform uses two currencies , namely TRX (tron) and RAKE . Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology, and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content. . While RAKE is the native currency of @bettronlive and is a TRC-20 token. Rake can be mined by the players on some games , wherein at the end of each game it can be saved directly to their respective wallets that players can trade on exchanges or use to play another game. While the TRON token can't be mined but can be purchased on decentralized exchanges then users can deposit it their wallets.

The benefit of @bettronlive being on a blockchain

With a TRON-based approach , the platform provides a speedy, power-efficient method of transactions with minimal delays and low fees. RAKE token utilizes the advanced TRON blockchain technology to maximize the consumer and operator experience with the cryptocurrency. The coin promises a transparent, secure, and smooth transactions. Blockchain-based payment methods will be at lightning speed what’s even better are the instant deposits and withdrawals. No bank fees. No hidden charges. Engaging in a smart contract, players can use peer-to-peer betting and can be ensured with an anonymous approach through KYC technology. Thus, providing security with both funds and identity; no longer are players forced to give up their private information to globally pursue risk-based activities. It is all contained within the blockchain.

As of today ,if you'll visit BetTronLive website , You'll see that there is a pre- registration for the BetTronLive Power Pick Draw which will take place 10 days after the BetTronLive casino launches. TRON wallets, pre-registered before the launch will be entered into the Power Pick draw at no cost and as a thank you for being 1st time movers 3 TRON Wallets will be chosen at random and issued rewards directly into those wallets as follows:

1st Place - 2,000,000 TRX

2nd Place - 1,000,000 TRX

3rd Place - 500,000 TRX

While with RAKE tokens , only 100,000,000 tokens will be minted, and that number will never be increased.. to further drive the value of it. RAKE holders will be the core of the BetTronLive platform. Every DApp that is deployed on the BetTronLive platform will share a portion of their mining pool and dividend pool with RAKE holders. Another benefit for RAKE holders will come from simply holding onto their RAKE tokens, which will further drive the valuation of the tokens.

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This is a fun place, too.
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I love exploring gaming sites and this really is one of the projects I am looking forward to use. I wonder what would be my luck here! Can't wait to rake in the "RAKE"

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