Hey You! Yes YOU! ...

... Stop being unhappy w‘urself, u r amazing, stop wishing u looked like sb else, stop trying to get attention from those who give u pain, stop hating ur body, ur face, ur personality, ur aura, love them without those things u wouldn‘t be u, if anyone hates on u cuz u r happy w‘urself then u stick ur middle finger in the air n say SCREW it, my happiness will not depend others anymore! love ur imperfections ✨


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Comments 4

Great caption. To me, you are a wonderwoman and even more beautiful 😍

18.01.2020 15:38

Thank you 🙏🏼

18.01.2020 16:12

Heck yes. I feel you. Stay positive stay up. Be well and yes I love rainbows too. 🌈

19.01.2020 18:35