UNIQLO announces its “Sustainability First” stance

Consumerism is one of society’s biggest problems. Coupled with the rise in technology gifting the modern-day consumer with convenience and accessibility, consumption will only get easier. This is especially true in the world of fast fashion, where the lifespan of garments is getting exponentially shorter. However, on the bright side, awareness among brands and consumers seem to be parallel.

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Recently, it is reported that President of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd, Yanai Tadashi, has announced that its brands will continue its efforts in sustainability. Injecting sustainability is not new for UNIQLO, one of Fast Retailing’s pillar brands. UNIQLO has been producing sustainable fashion through its very own concept of LifeWear, an example includes the utilization of fibers made from recycled plastic bottles in their quick-drying clothing, also known as DRY-EX. This places them at the forefront of the future of fashion.

What is LifeWear?

LifeWear is a concept exclusively created by UNIQLO. Its key features are simplicity, quality and practicality. Inspired by real-life needs, the clothing designed to complement everyone’s life. It takes into consideration new technology, quality materials, utility, and culture. AIRism, HEATTECH, ULTRA LIGHT DOWN and Supima Cotton T-Shirts are a notable range of LifeWear products. These products are, in many ways, responding to fast fashion, as they cater to a growing group of conscious consumers that would rather invest their buck in quality over quantity.

Series such as AIRism and HeatTech are part of the LifeWear family. (Image: uniqlo.com/jp)

Apart from their products, UNIQLO also invests in other methods to spread the sustainable lifestyle beyond its consumers. They do so through multiple marketing avenues, one of which is their latest release of the LifeWear Magazine.

LifeWear Magazine

Released on August 2019, LifeWear Magazine is a magazine that introduces everything one needs to know about the concept of LifeWear. It is more than just an average marketing tool, other than talking about its products; it also goes in-depth to talk about the ideas of its creation. It captures the rationale; perspective and individualistic take on sustainability by real people from all over the world. This complimentary magazine is distributed at all UNIQLO stores worldwide and TSUTAYA Japan. It is also available on Kindle.

LifeWear first issue cover. (Image: screenshot via uniqlo.com/jp)

The influence of LifeWear creates opportunities for collaboration between different industries and companies to break their way into sustainability. Collaboration comes innovation and this allows brands to work together to scratch beyond the surface of sustainability and perhaps break the chains of irresponsible consumerism soon.

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