Social Post, a Japanese news app to grow social awareness

There is a growing consciousness in people to contribute back to society in Japan.

According to a poll conducted by the government in 2014, 66.1% of its participants indicated that they have the desire to contribute back to society. However, only a handful of them put that into action. Some examples include: purchasing products based on their knowledge about politics, morality and the environment (16%) and taking part in donations and fundraising activities (24%).

Despite the growing consciousness, there is also a growing lack of awareness about societal news, issues, and knowledge in Japan.

In response to this problem, Social Post was created. Social Post is a news application created by Tomoshi Bito Inc. This application was released on 3rd September 2019, specially targeted to people interested to contribute back to society.

Social Post stands out from its competition with three noteworthy features:

1. Wide range of specialized topics

Social Post covers a wide range of topics such as world, politics, international relations, democracy, environment, animals, social good, gender, diversity, Gen Z, food, and culture. There is a topic for everyone!

2. Expert commentary

At Social Post, politicians, journalists, social entrepreneurs, and NPO/NGO specialists take on the role of Opinion Leaders where they would provide their take on each news article. This gives food for thought to readers as they are presented with different perspectives to reference.

3. Public opinion

Some news articles will come with the option to vote one’s opinion. Readers can choose from: agree, disagree or others. This data will then be collected and reflected in a graph that is displayed alongside the news article. This gives readers a visual overview to learn about what other readers think.

Social Post aims to be everybody’s go-to platform for societal information, knowledge, expert commentary and public opinion, all in one application. This one of a kind application hopes to be a step towards a positive change in Japanese society.

Social Post (Japanese only) is currently only available for download in Japan.

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(This article was originally published on Zenbird Media.)

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