Second-hand marketplace app Ageru simplifies giving your stuff away

Second-hand online marketplaces are becoming a common way to let go of personal stuff. However, when monetary transactions are involved, unwanted costs and friction could arise during the price negotiation process. Sometimes, you might encounter persistent buyers who demand that your pricing is too high, and going back and forth with these people could wear you out.

Shibuya-based mobile app developer DADA K.K. launched a non-monetary second-hand marketplace app called Ageru in October 2019. On the app, users upload photos of items they no longer need and want to give away for free.

“Give, receive, connect.” (Image:

Ageru, which means “to give” in Japanese, was created to eradicate the difficult process of price negotiation and make the exchanges more peaceful. Transactions are conducted using the app’s original tokens called Green Flower Points, and new users receive 300 points upon registration. There are a few ways to earn points, including sharing the app on social media or with friends, or playing a mini game in the app. The user can also earn points by sending a thank you message to the person you’ve received something from.

The company’s CEO, Tatsuya Dobashi, notes that the second-hand trading business isn’t a place for money-oriented attitudes because buyers and sellers often can’t agree on a price.

Tatsuya Dobashi, CEO of DADA K.K. (Image:

Removing the bargaining process could help users communicate with less conflict, facilitating a more efficient and sustainable platform. At the same time, encouraging users to show gratitude for successful deals could nurture a healthier community. With the idea that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” this unconventional app could start a new culture of gifting.

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