Pride Index 2019 winners awarded for diversity excellence

A private organization in Japan called “work with Pride” (hereinafter “wwP”) has announced winners of its annual Pride Index awards on October 11. wwP promotes and establishes diversity management practices regarding LGBT in companies and corporations to help create a desirable workplace for sexual minorities in Japan.


The Pride Index was established in 2016. Since then, it has rated companies and organizations on their efforts and proactive initiatives. It is the first index in Japan to evaluate companies on their initiatives related to LGBT. The Pride Index evaluates companies on their performance in the following five categories:

  1. Policy: Action Declaration
  2. Representation: LGBTA network
  3. Inspiration: Raising Awareness
  4. Development: Human Resources Management Policy and Programs
  5. Engagement / Empowerment: Social Responsibility and External Activities

Companies that gain full marks (five points) in the evaluation were awarded Gold rating. Silver and bronze ratings were awarded for four and three points respectively.

The Pride Index Gold rating was awarded to 152 companies this year, Silver for 28 companies and Bronze for 12. A lot of major corporations from various fields were awarded. AIG Japan Holdings Co., Ltd., an insurance company, was awarded with the highest ranking for four consecutive years. KDDI Corp., a Japanese telecoms operator, and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (“JAL”) also won the fourth Gold rating. SoftBank Corp., a major telecoms and internet company, received Gold rating for three consecutive years. Other corporations such as SEGA Sammy Holdings, a company that manages amusement and entertainment business, and hotto link, a company engaged in SNS marketing, were also awarded this year’s Gold rating.


The Pride Index management committee also selects companies for the “Best Practice” award. This year, four companies were chosen for their remarkable initiatives. Among them is JAL, chosen again for the second time. The company was highly evaluated for its “JAL LGBT ALLY charter” project that took place in August this year. The project promoted better understanding of sexual minorities and to increase LGBT allies for creating a diverse society. Other winners are: JR East, for planning a meetup for LGBT employees so that they can get connected with each other; TOTO and LIXIL for their research concerning the usage of public or office washrooms by sexual minorities.

Third party evaluation on initiatives regarding sexual minorities like this Pride Index will encourage companies and organizations to act proactively. Participants will profit from this evaluation too as it will improve the public image of the company. The continuous effort and unique ideas are sure to contribute to creating a LGBT-friendly society.

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