Odakyu release ONE app for sharing economy apps

On 10 December 2019, Odakyu Electric Railway released ONE, a community service platform. ONE (pronounced oh-ney) is the acronym for Open Next Experience. It is a mobile application that serves as the hub for sharing economy applications.

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ONE utilizes ICT (Information and Communications Technology) that grants users access to multiple applications with a single account, also known as ONE ID. The account is free for registration. A new user just needs to visit ONE’s official website and sign up using an email address. With the ONE ID, users can find sharing economy applications of various themes such as living, mobility, sports, and travel.

The sharing economy is a growing trend of business since the late 1990s. It is defined as the exchange of access to services (or products) between multiple parties made possible through the use of technology. So essentially, ONE is a sharing app that exchanges access to its peers in the sharing economy.

To stand out in the competitive industry, ONE acts as a one-stop platform for a variety of services. The app complements the lifestyle of people as it consolidates all the essential and important sharing economy applications that would be of aid to its demographic.

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ONE users can find application services, offered by 15 different companies. Some examples include dispatch chef service by SHAREDINE, laundry delivery service by Rinavis, clothing rental by airCloset, storage space rental by LIFULL SPACE and pet subscription box by Doggy Box.

Once users sign up for ONE ID, they can log in and begin using the desired immediately service. Payment and billing methods differ for each service. More information can be found through each service respectively.

In celebration of the launch of ONE, 200 points will be rewarded to users with a linked Odakyu point card and ONE ID. This campaign is available till 31st March 2020.

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