Eco-tourism in Japan with gomi pit BAR (Waste Pit Bar)

The gomi pit BAR (Waste Pit Bar) was awarded the Encouragement Award for the 13th Industrial Tourism Town Revitalization Awards Program by Japan Travel and Tourism Association this year.

gomi pit BAR is a bar located in Musashino Green Centre, a waste disposal facility in Musashino city, Tokyo. This new concept is a unique combination of two themes: waste and tourism. Over here, customers can enjoy their alcohol over a sweeping view of waste being disposed of. Although it was held over five days spread between December 2018 to February 2019, it was well-received and patronized by over 250 customers.


Located on the second level of Musashino Green Center, the bar is accompanied by live jazz music and cocktails made of unused or unwanted foods, such as Yuzu peel, that are often thrown away. Bar snacks made by the local shared kitchen, MIDOLINO, are also available.

Overlooking the bar counter is a wide glass window that separates the bar from the 23 meters deep waste pit. Customers were able to witness massive amounts of waste being picked up by a crane, which is subsequently thrown into the incinerator. A key element of gomi pit BAR is the crane mixing and throwing waste into the incinerator, an interesting scene that’s popular with customers.

After time at the bar, customers were also given a tour of the facility to learn more about the technology behind the waste disposal facility.

The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness of the issue of food loss. The idea of combining environmental issues with inclusive activities is a new type of tourism resource. The award also draws attention to gomi pit BAR and Musashino Green Centre, encouraging the public to have an increased interest in the environment.

gomi pit BAR is expected to open again this winter.

[Reference] Musashino City Press Release

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