Creating TRUST FASHION with Equaland

EQUALAND is an ethical Japanese fashion brand launched by ONEO Ltd. This new generation fashion brand places emphasis and consideration on the value of consumption and desires to work toward cultivating a new fashion culture, also known as TRUST FASHION.

They do so through two ways: botanical dye products and trust tags.

Botanical Dye T-shirts

One of their first products is the Basic Pocket T-Shirt. These t-shirts come in four different colors and are made from high-quality Indian cotton double yarn. They are dyed using natural materials through the technique of botanical dyeing.

Botanical dyeing is a dyeing technique where the components of plants, fruits, and vegetables are absorbed into the fibers of fabrics. This method achieves a type of coloring and absorption of natural nutrients not found in chemical dyes. The common process of chemical dyeing causes water pollution and consumes large quantities of water. The release of the Basic Pocket T-Shirt is a way for EQUALAND to respond to this prevailing environmental issue.

A portion of EQUALAND’s natural materials comes from the leftover fruits and vegetables from cold-pressed juices provided by SUNSHINE JUICE, a cold press juice specialty store in Japan. This store serves juice without additives and water and is made of 100% fruits and vegetables. SUNSHINE JUICE uses locally sourced organic and pesticide-free produce gathered from all over Japan.

Trust Tags

All products at EQUALAND come with an uncommonly big and long tags called trust tags. These tags are printed with the autographs of individuals that were involved in the making of the garments, such as the cotton producers, designers, engineers, etc. The company believes that this is important; as it is a form of respect to each team player that contributing to fashion culture.

Ultimately, clothes are not just made up by its brand; it is also the product of the collaboration between different industries that involves a huge amount of pride and responsibility. Hence, credit must be given to every one of them.

EQUALAND hopes that that their products can be the bridge between food and nature.

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