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Black widow

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Black widow


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Everything about her was a lie. Even the shawurderer.

e has er up and made her look like a shadow, a grieving widow when she was the murderer.
He has seen her, after a time of forgetting that this was once his world. The funeral of her husband, her former dreams.

The worls the occasion. It seems that not only a sad body is buried, but also old dreams.
The world hasn't changed since he left with her. He was caught up in the moment wound.

He criedy from his, leaving him in such great pain that he still breathes from his wound.
He cried as if she had killed him then, today he is, and his world has turned upside down because he feels that if she had not woven that web of myr lives.

End ofon, he inutes)

He knew ith him, loving each other as before she crossed their lives.
(End of five minutes)
He knew she had something to do with his death, as they had written to each other and he told her that he suspected she was up to something, that he was sorry, and whenend it.

"Mourninwas leaving her, she laughed and threatened him. Her eyes denounced a plan to end it.
"Mourning imposes respect she does not deserve,"- drowned that thought in turbulent hatred, as she tried to chisel the ice from her gloomy gaze to reveal it to all, for she was but a harpy playing the ".

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Comments 9

She must be a witch!! Well done!

08.01.2020 03:28


08.01.2020 04:09

I am a bit confused about the "he's".

Might be she is a witch but those two men are for sure stupid. Why waiting till someone kills you?


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08.01.2020 10:59

One of the guys decided to experiment with a seductive and mysterious woman. Something went wrong when he got cold feet and the other assumes she was the one who killed him.
Thanks for stopping by, @wakeupkitty!


08.01.2020 17:54

@wakeupkitty Because of the way the only character to whom the narrator has access to his thoughts speaks, the two were a couple in the past. 💕

09.01.2020 15:01

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