My #Sportstalk - Promotion Day at the Academy

More Sportstalk?

Sports Talk should have so much more real estate on my blog. I am an avid fan of watching hockey, baseball and basketball....slipping into Football when the Vikings are doing well or there is money on the line ;) I also play a good amount of hockey, race sail boats competitively once a week (and the occasional weekend regatta) and actively practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


I always wondered if there were any hockey fans here to talk NHL. The BlueJays are boring as hell until this neat youth movement. There are no Vikings fans ;) My recreational hockey couldn't be of any interest to anyone. Sailing is actually a neat topic as there are good photographs and stories even for folks who don't sail.......


Then there is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


It is an exotic pastime by my standards and I have met a few great folks here including @jiujitsu, @knightbjj, @bigapplebo, @evecab, @el-cr, and @matkodurko to name only a few. Sure Jiu Jitsu is a huge part of UFC/MMA and that is really popular the last while. But what would I say?


I have medalled a few times at tournaments but you really wouldn't call me a decorated fighter. I have trained at a few academies but you really couldn't consider me a travelling BJJ explorer. I don't have an incredible trajectory or aspirations for joining BJJ later in life and having so many other awesome things going on.

What would I say?

I could tell you the why and perhaps share the lessons/benefits I have learned. People tend to like that and I really enjoy sharing the positive and active portions of my life. In short, Jiu Jitsu was to be an interesting, challenging, active part of my life. Add to that the confidence of knowing I could handle myself if a fight found me and I have the ability to kill someone with my bare hands, that is pretty cool. I avoid violence like the plague and am happy to know that if something did happen, it would be over quickly and definitively.....that is good enough for me.


Training at and Academy


This has got to be the most rewarding part for me. 7 years or so on the mats and you end up picking up some good stuff. More importantly for me is the people with whom I get to train. If I can push them physically to be better, then I am spending my time improving not only myself, but the lives of others in some small or large way.

Because I am not the aggressive alpha-male type, I tend to adopt white belts and spend many of my rolls (grappling sparring) with the occasional pause to give a pointer or props when someone is developing good technique. Though, increasingly as of late with everyone improving so much, I take it easy rather than try and WIN and put myself in tough positions to practice escape and survival techniques. A roll against a complete newbie should be a learning experience for even the most seasoned practitioner.

Needless to say, I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and would recommend everyone give it a try. It has changed my life only for the better.


Promotion Day!

Today was promotion day at the academy. It marks the event when people are not given promotions so much as they are rewarded for the accomplishments they have already made.


The young ones progress through belts a little quicker than the old ones. Probably because they have to be constantly progressing in order to stay interested/inspired?


Stripes are a big thing. One "extremely valuable strip of hockey tape" as Sensei Ryan puts it. Up to 4 stripes are put on the belts leading up to Black as an encouragement and a very rough sense of prowess at a belt. It took me almost a year to get my first stripe on my white belt because of my scattered training habits and I received 2 at once. After that, it was a change of towns, academies, and a transition period before I was awarded my blue belt. Everyone's journey is different.


The belts are a big thing in my mind. Going to Blue Belt was huge because of my hop from 2-stripe right to blue. I didn't feel I deserved it. Purple belt was a huge deal because there had not been one handed out ever at our newer academy, and I was just starting to medal at Blue belt in tournaments. I didn't feel I was ready.


The class shot is always special as you look back on the faces come and gone and persistent. I always head to stand beside Greg and his big damn square shoulders.

Another year, another stripe so it seems


Within the year, I will be on a cruise ship with dozens of other fighters training and vacationing on a trip called Grappler's Escape. I have some months of returning to regular training and raising the money for said quest but I can do it. Should be a journey in training and business but it may be interesting to write about or follow.


Is there a demand for some purple belt hoser who really loves hockey and everything SPORT on #sportstalk?

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I'll talk football with you when regular season starts.. but I'm a Bears fan lol.. good news is have about 10K SPORTS staked with my vote.. enjoy

11.08.2019 13:58

Well we can shoot the shit come football season and weep into our beers at how bad the Bears and Vikings are if history repeats itself ;)

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12.08.2019 17:01

Lol. My team is shittier than your team

12.08.2019 18:02

I bought 4k sports amd don't know how the token will do, but I think its better than actifit.

I'm more into individual sports like snowboarding, cycling and hiking up the hills (this one is more fitness than sport). I used to swim, but got bored of it. I do want to take up something else. Maybe badminton or taekwondo.

I like to watch icehockey and baseball. I used to be a leafs fan, but the times amd options for NHL are limited here. Football is non existant outside of North America. I'm not really into spectator sports these days unless it is hangout out at the ball park drinking beer in spring or early fall.

11.08.2019 14:08

I am collecting and staking sports as well for the longer haul as well.

I always find it interesting that Canadians just call it hockey. Of course it is on ice!

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12.08.2019 16:59

I'm not a hockey gal, but I hope you find your people! That vacation sounds like a fun one! I've thought about doing that more for running. I'm kind of getting burnt out on the races here in Atlanta, so I'd love to do a destination race somewhere fun. Not sure what calls to me yet, but maybe some day I'll get around to putting something on the calendar. :)

12.08.2019 13:54

Yah! Decide to do it and do what it takes to get it done!

A family member just had a trip to Spain wrapped around a half marathon (or full?). When you can make a vacation out of an event like that, you are really living life.

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12.08.2019 17:03

ohhh BJJ, my big love =) Getting blue was also a HUGE deal for me. I felt so accomplished....but it will be a while before I get purple...

I'm a bit nervous, because tomorrow night I'll have my very first training since...well maybe a year ago. I'm super out of shape and feel like I need to wear my white belt again LOL.

13.08.2019 00:14

wao @zekepickleman, I am so glad to read you and picturing everything. Congrats for the new stripes, and you are right, every time we get promoted we feel we don't deserve it haha

I am a bit demotivated because training have been a bit hard for me this year, first with my knee injury then surgery, later with the birth of my newborn, which I love so much but since he was born, I totally forgot what is to have a full night sleep haha. Some days when my mind tells me lets go train, my body is telling me you need a nap. But I think I will get all my shit together soon.

I did not know about the Grappler's Escape, when is it? Maybe it will be a cool thing for me to do next year.

Thank you for sharing and thank you for the mention, I think it is cool you tag other jiu jitsu practitioners I did not know here.

Good vibes my friend!

14.08.2019 02:02

Ah no problems there. Injuries and kids happen I know all too well. Only matters that you go back.

Enjoy all the sweet distractions as BJJ will always be there when you make it back to the mats.


14.08.2019 05:14