A Visit to the Museum of Natural History

Last year, I was able to have a visit to the National Museum of Natural History in Manila City, Philippines. It is easy to find for tourists since it is located inside a well known park in the city which is the Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park.

It took me several hours to see/visit almost all part as there are lots of displays. There are reserved displays like animals and plants. There are also replicas that were hanged on the ceiling such as in the photo below.


Those were life-sized replicas of some of the marine creatures displayed in the center of the room. Around those replicas are preserved displays that were on the cabinets and stands.

I also took a photo in the first floor in which a big banner of a specie called Tarsier was displayed.


Some diplays on the first floor are replicas of dinosaur bones. Photos were taken using my mobile phone.

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