🔥+60% of Top20 Witnesses Powering Down🔥

Hello Steemian,

did you know more then 60% of our Top20 witnesses are powering down?

What's going on?

Why are you powering down?


an answer would be nice especially in these times

Have a nice day

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I'm only powering down less than 10% of my total stake to cover server running costs etc.

17.07.2019 22:32

Thank you for your fast answer
Have a nice day

17.07.2019 22:33

We only power down enough to pay for the witness servers we run, and also the public RPC node we provide for Steem devs, and we run a seed node for Steem, and we have to pay for servers for steem.chat and pay for servers and devs for steemtipper.com and steemistry.com

17.07.2019 22:37

Thank you very much, have a nice day

17.07.2019 22:39

Believe it or not, witnesses are entitled to withdraw their own money without needing to justify it to strangers.
My powerdown is less then I earn as a witness, I'm still gaining in SP over time.
I'm not abandoning the platform if that's what you're implying - I hold more value in Steem than in any other cryptocurrency.

17.07.2019 22:42

Thank you very much for your answer.
I was curious to get some answers, a similar pic was posted in the Steem telegram group.

17.07.2019 22:46

Fair enough, sorry I answered before my morning coffee and got defensive :P
Like others have said, I'm using it to pay server bills - I don't want to sell any more then I have to at these prices

17.07.2019 22:48

😉No problem, thanks and enjoy your coffee

17.07.2019 22:50

You are right...would be good to know

17.07.2019 23:22

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