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Difficult time they say don't last, but strong men do. Over the course of my life, I've been met with some challenging situations of which some were life threatening situations, but what has kept me to still stand tall today is the Grace of God.

Most times when I'm faced with difficulty, the first thing I do is kneel down and pray. I know this may sound cliche, but that's actually what it is.
Prayers in my difficult moments gives me confidence and hope of a better tomorrow. No matter what happens or what I pass through, I always have this satisfaction anytime I pray concerning a particular thing

This has been a constant practise for me ever since I was small. I've always been seeking the face of God anytime I encounter challenges that are beyond me. The most common way of overcoming your challenges is by sharing it with someone else, in this case sharing it with your creator makes you feel better and gives you hope that a solution is coming.

Prayers to me does not necessary mean 5 hours of intense praying, but the 2min or 3min communication with your creator is very significant. Anyone having difficulties in their lives can try this. Yes I recommend it. Loosing hope is one of the greatest weapons of self destruction, what prayer does is to give hope and subsequently a solution

My most recent experience is that of my mum. She was in the hospital for two weeks, she could not walk nor talk, all the medications were not responding in her body system, but after one of our prayer session, she regained back her full consciousness and started talking and also responding to treatment.

     Me with family and and friends 
          after church prayer.

The benefits of prayer is enormous. constant prayers helps quicken the spirit being and keeps us glue to our creator.

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Nice write up

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