Teach children to use words instead of crying


When children enter the language-sensitive period, they are also used to crying to express their grievances, fears, or certain needs. At this time, parents should understand the children’s expressions and try to let the children express their thoughts with words instead of crying.

Parents should encourage their children to express themselves in words rather than crying to attract attention during the sensitive period of their children's language. In fact, in the language-sensitive period, children not only need to learn the language, but also need to develop a good way of thinking. Of course, this requires parents to pay attention to strengthening the guidance of their children in their daily lives.

We often see such scenes in life

When the child was accidentally scalded while eating, the mother would comfort the child like this: "This meal is really bad, the baby is scalded. The baby does not cry, we throw it out!"

The child accidentally stumbled on a stone while walking. As a result, the child didn't cry, so his mother ran forward: "The baby doesn't hurt. I blame the stone. Let's kick it away!"

But the above two scenes may have the same result, that is, the child cries loudly. In fact, this is the way the child misled the child's thinking. In the sensitive period when children are learning languages, they not only have to learn some specific names, but more importantly, they have to learn some simple logical ways of thinking. In the above two examples, the parents conveyed the wrong causality to their children. The child being scalded or falling down has nothing to do with rice or stones. This was caused by the child accidentally, and the child did not attribute the cause to other things, but the parents thoughtfully helped the child to excuse it. There are so many "reasons", which makes the child feel aggrieved immediately, so he uses "crying" to express his inner "grief".

Parents must bear in mind that when a child feels wronged by some accident and expresses it by crying, the parent must be rational and never put the blame on innocent people or things, but use words to tell the child the true Reason, let the child form the correct thinking mode. When a child learns to think about problems correctly, he will not cry at every turn, but will sensibly tell his parents what kind of problems they are facing and what they need their parents to do.

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