I am in my shop

I'm in my shop. You can see my shop has sweets. Eggs are found. Double bread is served. Almost all food and drink items are also available

My shop is inside Mianwali city and it is located on Blakhil road, with the madrassa of Jamia Akbariya in front and Bata Shoes shop in front of it. You can see that there is such a lovely atmosphere.

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22.08.2019 10:44

My friend. I know you are working hard to post original content. This is great but don't use the Sportstalk tag if its not sports please . Thanks and keep up the hard work :-)

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Thanks for telling me

22.08.2019 11:19

You're welcome. Use #marlians #palnet #zzan #actnearn all thee tags can be used for ANY content :-)

22.08.2019 11:23

V.nice post

22.08.2019 17:49