Easily Buy/Sell/Transfer DEC & other SE tokens from DISCORD


Few days ago @steemmonsters introduced DEC UPDATE!! Easily Buy DEC From the Market! , really it's awesome to have this kind of feature to buy tokens in a short time . Today i am going to talk about a Discord bot BDExchange , by using that bot you can buy not only DEC but also all other Steem-Engine Tokens .

BDExchange is another discord Bot of our BDCommunity. Developed by @reazuliqbal. It has various features which give lots of support to making transactions easily in short time. I don't even need to go to the browser without publishing my posts. My all work I can do by the BDExchange.

BDExchange premium version has new features brings more advantage for members with previous facilities. You can manage your Steem and Steem-engine wallets from Discords . I am going to show you guys how can you buy DEC or any other tokens buy using our @BDExchange Discord bot .

BDC line 2.png

STEP 1 :

To use that bot you must need to join our Discord server , where we are running it . You are warm welcome to our Discord : 50-50_test1.png

STEP 2 :

For use that bot you need to do subscribe , which is 2 steem/month. But before long drive everyone love to do test drive , thats why we offer 2 days trail subscribe for free . The subscribe procedure described on this post How to subscribe to BDExchange bot & All Features of BDExchange.

STEP 3 :

For buy any Tokens you must need to have Steemp [Steem Pegged Token] , so check you SE balance by simple command ..se-balance <yourusername> , if you don't have enough Steemp on your balance then Deposit by using command ..se-deposit <amount> Steem . Lets see some screen shot which will clear it more .

As you can see i don't have enough Steemp on my SE balance so i am going to deposit 100 Steem to SE.

It will create a custom link, you need to click on that link

On the next page it will give you 2 choice to confirm your deposit transaction, if you want to confirm through Steem Keychain then click on that or you can confirm through Steemconnect. I am going to use Steem Keychain .


Steem keychain extention pop-up will be showed up , confirm the transaction.

Now again check your SE balance to see it added or not . As you can my balance added

STEP 4 :

Now you need to check the market orders of the token you want to buy & the command is ..se-market <token name>. I want to buy DEC so let's check DEC market orders.

As you can see it will show the Accounts name,Price of each token , Quantity available at the price & how much Steemp need to buy that amount of DEC. You can see any other SE tokens market orders just like that.

Also you can check other tokens price , just by .. se-price <amount><token>

Here i wanted to know 1000 leo price , the price showing that according the lowest sell order on SE atm

STEP 5 :

I want to buy so i need to look at the sell orders . on this chart showing that the cheapest sell order is 0.00285 steem/DEC and the quantity is 15600 . So i will go for that & the command will be ..se-buy <quantity><token name><asking price of each token> . Not only buy you can sell your tokens just by using command .. se-sell <amount><token><price>

As you can see i just placed buy order at 0.00285 Steemp/DEC where 15600 DEC available & and i want to buy them all . Bot will again generate a customize link to confirm the transaction . Confirm it like STEP 3 .

This is the example of sell order , i just placed a sell order where i am asking 0.00289 Steem/DEC . Bot will again generate a customize link to confirm the transaction . Confirm it like STEP 3 .

So my sell order successfully placed on market place.

If you want to placed your buy order at low or sell order at high you can do it like this , the orders will be pending until someone fill that. So if you want to check your Open orders then you can put command ..se-orders <token name> . It will show your Buy and Sell order both . So if you want to cancel the order you can do it by .. se-cancel <type><order_id> . On up i showed i placed sell order , i am going to cancel that order .

As you can see here i don't have any pending buy orders buy have pending sell order . So i am going to cancle it.

so you need to copy the Order Id and place it into cancel command . Bot will again generate a customize link to confirm the transaction . Confirm it like before.

You guys can transfer any SE tokens to other users , the command is .. se-transfer <amount><token><steem_username> [MEMO] & also you can withdraw your Steemp from SE to your Steem wallet , the command is .. se-withdraw <amount> steemp

Transfered 2705 SPT to my #spt curation account @zaku-spt and used memo Going to stake all my SPT

Withdrawn 1 steemp to my steem wallet[after 1% fee cut]

Also if you guys want to check metrics about any token the command is .. se-metrics <token>

Checked Neoxian Gold Token metrics [NEOX] , which is 28.57% up from yesterday price and the reason you will get by visiting @neoxian blog ;)


That's all for now . If you have any suggestions or if any inconveniences happen, feel free to ask the developer `reazuliqbal#1149` on Discord or you can mention him @reazuliqbal .


@bdcommunity is an initiative on the steem blockchain trying to help all Bangladeshi standard authors and share their work and knowledge, to improve their skills. We curate grade contents to encourage hard-work and support originality. We are also arranging contest among Bangladeshi steemians and rewarding selected quality work. We also feature important updates from Steem Inc. and witnesses. We believe an organized and effective communication within the community can determine the success. So we build up the communication on our Discord server and happy to show off our various features of the bot. On there you just need to pass command for check out your account information, balance, market rate and also you can exchange coin, buy upvote, transfer balance through the registration of bdexchange.



50-50_test2.png 50-50_test1.png

**Hopefully, our community program will make a significant contribution!
Love from Bangladesh!!

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Excelent notice, man!!Thank you a lot for share with us!!!

Have a good night

08.07.2019 00:53

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08.07.2019 05:10

That's Amazing!

08.07.2019 07:27

Nice that will make tips/ transactions through discord so much easier, Nice work!

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wow, excellent sharing. thank you so much.

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09.07.2019 00:00

Yeah its really so easy for us.Thanks a lot

09.07.2019 03:12


09.07.2019 05:48
10.07.2019 09:28

What you mean??

20.07.2019 15:28

@zaku but they can already send and receive DEC or any Steem-engine token with @banjo just invite the bot by @inertia to your server with this link https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=273612111610118144&scope=bot
I hope now that you know this you will allow people to send and receive any steem engine token free without paying the 2 steem ;)

11.07.2019 02:19

can you buy/sell/trade by using that ? @tytran also banjo is a tip bot .. it used to tip others , not transfer fund to other people by putting memo on it

11.07.2019 02:21

yes yes! @zaku I hope now that you know this you will invite banjo to the server, to allow people to send and receive any steem engine token free without paying the 2 steem ;) and use yoru skills to build MORE features, that dont already exist, which peopel WILL PAY MUCH MORE for! like i dunno, paying steem to get special access to a room in yoru discord, or payinga few steem to get a role or to exchange teh coin IN the server without using steem-engine now THAT is a new feature we could use!

We could REALLy use some new features for a discord bot, banjo isopen source too you can take him apart i believe and make new versions even charge for him under teh right license or whatever, but you can learn mroe on inertia's github https://github.com/inertia186

11.07.2019 02:22

Yeah i know about banjo and even i use it to tip other people , but about this bot you yet to discover all features .

BDExchange Services overview

  • Steem/SBD exchange

• Check price
• Covert steem to sbd and vice versa.
• Exchange Steem/SBD (a manual escrow system for safe deal.)

  • Users Management

• Check balance
• Delegate sp to users
• Check delegations In and Out both
• Transfer balance to an account.

  • Steem Engine Transactions

• Check SE balance
• Buy tokens from SE
• Sell tokens on SE
• Check open orders
• Cancel orders
• Deposit on SE
• Withdraw from SE
• Check Prices of token
• Check metrics
• SE balance transfer
• Stake SE token

  • Check richlist with more details
  • Get access to #sm-notify channel . When someone placed 10% or more cheap cards on market that showed up there .
  • Enable Tournament notification . Everytime 15 minutes before tournament start you will get reminding dm from bot.

ALL OF THIS JUST FOR 2 steem/month .

11.07.2019 02:32

Another great platform from BD

I am still curious of your secret buy/sell SM bot @zaku

09.07.2019 04:45

that great every thing clear, thank you

09.07.2019 10:25

Fantastico 🇻🇪

09.07.2019 16:14

If you consider the fact that having multiple tabs on your browser to constantly swap from is not problem then you might not need this . Overall this is a great idea since the fact that it allows you to minimize your cluster and to just use discord bot while chatting with your buds at the same time.

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09.07.2019 18:22

Not something i would use but other people will

10.07.2019 00:54

Really depends on your preferences ! I would just prefer having SE web-page opened

10.07.2019 07:53


14.07.2019 03:50

Greetings, @zaku

Excelent idea. Its really easy. Thank you a lot for share with us!!!

spt #palnet #battle #steemleo

10.07.2019 13:09

This is so cool.

11.07.2019 14:29

Wow it's nice to see lots of developments going on as all hand are on deck to make sure that the steem blockchain remains relevant want a nice way to integrate social trading, wish I new how to code would have loved to build one

12.07.2019 02:28

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