The Guild Of Neoxian - Previous Season stats and Upcoming Raffle Draw Details

Hi, fellow Splintertalkers! Today we are going to talk about our Neoxian guild progress of last season and great rewarding news for our guild contributors. Almost 2 months ago Neoxian guild created and on the first day we opened our guild gate for everyone. After that, we changed the recruiting system and start moderating our player's donations and guild activity. We have very active Discord City Discord, We do give special role to those who are active and contribute to Guild regularly. We access the guild contribution by their DEC contribution to guildhall . We don't have any strict rules or policy on our guild, if you contribute to guild we will appreciate your contribution by giving honor on city more details on this post. But, one thing we always take care is Quest Lodge, you need to contribute regularly on quest lodge. If you are inactive from the long-time period, you will be booted from the guild. But, yeah if you explain the reason for your inactivity we may consider to let you in . So how we check that who contributed how much and how we rewarded the top contributors? Thanks to @reazuliqbal who helped me to collect those data from the blockchain . We are rewarding our top 10 guild contributors and those who contributed at least 5000 DEC or more within a season he/she will get Splinterlands Warrior role on city & Citizen Sharp role. if you are one top 10 contribution list then you are full filled the requirement, but there is 2 tier of reward.

Reward :

Tier 1: All Splinterlands Warriors will get the Citizen Plus Plus role.

Tier 2: Splinterlands Warriors who contributed at least 5000 DEC and game rating 2500+ before season reset, they will get CITIZEN SHARP role for next season.


Now let's check out our top Contributors list of last season

Position Player name Dec Contribution
01 @xawi 18444
02 @neoxian 18400
03 @shoemanchu 15800
04 @zaku 13300
05 @planosdeunacasa 11200
06 @road2nowhere 7000
07 @ifeoluwa88 6200
08 @axeman 6000
09 @adelka 5328
10 @aamirijaz 5059
11 @akomoajong 5000
12 @mango-juice 4277
13 @d-zero 3420
14 @chrismartinez 2800
15 @dylanhobalart 2500
16 @anouk.nox 2525
17 @reazuliqbal 2000
18 @bitcoinflood 2000
19 @burlarj 1000
20 @manniman 700
21 @swedishdragon 600
This is our last season DEC contributor's list. From position 1 to position 11 will be rewarded with Splinterlands warrior role and Citizen Sharp role (because of 5000 or more DEC contribution ). What is the benefit of those roles? Read this post >> NEOXIAN CITY ROLES & JOB DESCRIPTIONS . Congrats to ( @xawi , @shoemanchu , @zaku , @planosdeunacasa , @ifeoluwa88 , @axeman , @aamirijaz , @akomoajong ) you guys got tier 2 reward . @bitcoinflood & @mango-juice lose their role because of low contribution. This is the past Season contribution list and For this season still, 1 day left. We will do another post after this season complete and according to this season contributions rewards will be changed.

Raffle Draw

From this season we are going to do Raffle Draw for our guild contributors. The more you contribute the more chance to win prizes. These Include: ALPHA BOOSTER PACK + BETA BOOSTER PACK + Splinterlands Orb + CK Token + NEOXAG Delegation + DEC + SPT Delegation + NEOXAG STAKE. Total 20 prizes set for the raffle draw.

How are we going to arrange this Raffle Draw?

  • For every 500 DEC contribution between a season period, Player will get 1 Raffle Draw Ticket.
  • For every 5000 DEC contribution +1 Bonus Raffle Draw Ticket.
    Example :
User Contribution Ticket for Cont. Bonus Ticket Total Ticket
User 1 1000 DEC 2 0 2
User 2 4980 DEC 9 0 9
User 3 6000 DEC 12 1 13
User 4 14000 DEC 28 2 30
  • We are going to Use A random generator website
  • Only this Season Contribution will be count. (Still, 1 day left )

This will then be matched up against the prize summary below then distributed 24 hours after the draw has taken place.

RNG Position
Prize Awarded
Splinterlands Alpha Booster x 1
Splinterlands Orb x 1
Splinterlands Beta Booster x 1
5 CK Token
1000 DEC
500 DEC
1000 NEOXAG Delegation ( for 2 week )
1000 SPT Delegation ( for 2 week )
500 NEOXAG Delegation ( for 2 week )
500 SPT Delegation ( for 2 week )
11 to 20
200 NEOXAG Stake

From now still, 23 hours left for this season end. So go do contribution more and get chance to win those. A person can win multiple prizes. Best of luck.



1. Who is the owner of guild ?

  • The owner of guild well know witness @neoxian . He is running bank on steem blockchain from long time . Also he owned Neoxian City Tribe . He supporting @steemmonsters from their start and holding lot's of valuable cards . He holding 1090 ALPHA packs which is top on richlist .

2. What is the requirement of join The Neoxian Guild ?

  • First of all you need to be active player , second you need to contribute on guild regularly . For new comers you need at least 2500+ Rating to join the guild . When we start the guild we did open our gate for all and that time there was no requirement , but now we have limited seat and soon guild war will be introduced . So we need to be prepare for that .

3. What is the benefit for being Neoxian Guild Member ?

  • There is many benefit to be as a neoxian guild member . Anyone who consistently maintains 2500+ shall be considered a senior member of the Guild . Also top 10 guild contributor will get splinterlands warrior role on discord and those who will contribute 5000 or more DEC will get citizen sharp role . By having those roles you will get access on #post-promotion channel , from where you have chance to get upvote from @neoxian . Also there many Giveaway run on our Discord channel daily , so you better be there to get whale votes .

4. How the contribution is counted for rewarding Guild Members ?

  • By the help of @reazuliqbal (developer) we collect guild contribution data from blockchain , so it's accurate .

Got some more question ?? Comment on this post you will get answer and those question will be added on FAQ .


That's all for today , I am inviting you to visit our city : Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_25_4507760003.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city .


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This is a top update @zaku one day we will have to battle our guilds against each other!

29.09.2019 15:10

Hehehe yeah mate, hope we will meet on battlefield against each other guild :D

!neoxag 20

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That's so cool, this was the first season that I managed to donate 5000, the raffle is a very sweet bonus .. super cool, and fingers crossed!

29.09.2019 15:17

This raffle draw will surely boost our guild dec contribution. The prizes are lucrative and I am fully in. Hope we will reach level 10 sooner!

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29.09.2019 17:11

Very Nice Update @zaku-spt

29.09.2019 18:37

Hi. I'm from the @contestkings guild. I see some familiar names in your guild. We will have some friendly wars after few @steemmonsters updates.

30.09.2019 10:34

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