8th Pack Opening : 100 BETA PACKS OPENING AND PROFIT/LOSS CALCULATION (84%Return on investment, 16% Loss)


Greeting's @splinterlands lovers, This is my 8th pack opening. On my last opening I got gold foil CHROMATIC DRAGON, but this time no gfl or gold foil epic cards, Though you can't get gold foil legendary every time :D. So I assume my this opening will be a loss opening for me. As I said before pack opening is something like a gamble, if your luck shined then you will get the crazy return or else loss. My previous opening was around 18% profitable, Let's see what I got from my 8th opening. All statics and price I am showing honestly and I am counting some bulk price as average, so the total price of those cards can be less/higher than my calculation.






Finally my 100 Packs opened and 500 Cards received ( 100 Packs with potions ). 181$ for packs and 40$ for potions, Total 221$ invested. Let's see how much I got from those ...


Normal Common Cards : 338 x 0.05$(Average) = 16.90$
Normal Rare Cards :110 x 0.30$(Average) = 33$
Normal Epic Cards : 25 x 1.00$(Average) = 25$
Normal Legendary Cards : 4 x 3$(Average) = 12$
Selenia Legendary Summoner : 1 x 14$(Market Low) = 14$
Legendary Summoner(except Prince ) : 2 x 13$(Market Low) = 26$
Gold Foil Common Cards : 14 x 2$(Average) = 28$
Gold Foil Rare Cards : 6 x 5$ (Average) = 30$


Total: 185$ worth cards from 221$ investment. 36$ loss from 100 packs, which is 16% loss(approx).


So, As I said this is my loss opening. My loss almost 36$ which is 16% of my investment. Not always potions works, only 7 legendaries out of 500 cards with brilliant legendary potions. On my previous two openings was profitable. My 6th opening gives me 41% profit and 7th give me 18% profit. 5th opening was neutral no loss/profit, 4th was 19% profitable. 3rd and 2nd opening gives me 26% & 24% loss, but the 1st opening gives me 76% profit. So, overall if I count all at once then I am still on profit side. That's all for today will share my next opening soon, Let's make @splinterlands great again. Thanks to @aggroed @yabapmatt for giving us this amazing opportunity to earn and play at the same time, also want to thanks @clove71 for her amazing communication skill towards the @steemmonsters community.



|My 1st 110 Opening | My 2nd 110 Opening | My 3rd 110 Opening |
| --------------------------- | ------------------------------- | ------------------------------ |

|My 4th 100 Opening| My 5th 110 Opening | My 6th 200 Opening |
| ------------------------- | -------------------------- | --------------------------- |

|My 7th 100 Opening|
| ------------------------- |
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OMG ! Lots of legendary,epic & gold foil card bro.You so lucky.

18.09.2019 19:13

Fuck to see you next week I bought the pack and game once, I really want

18.09.2019 22:29

Fuck to see you next
Week I bought the pack and game
Once, I really want

                 - thranax

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It is a haiku. It detected a haiku from the words you dropped.

19.09.2019 09:22

This is nice. Legendary of different splinters. I want the same...lol
Enjoy your cards and the game.

19.09.2019 09:18

Another brief and nice review. From your experience, what would be your advice to others who might be willing to buy these cards?


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20.09.2019 22:17

Hey @Knowledges sorry for the late reply, I was away from my blog for a while. Buying packs and opening those will be something like gambling, sometime you will win sometime you will lose. So it is a bit risky. But if you want to start playing and want to collect cards to play the game then I will suggest to buy cards, not pack. Thanks for your comment.

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