Greetings city people , On this post i am going to share details about NEOXIAN CITY Discord Channel citizens(users) Roles and Jobs .


Roles :

Role Color Description
Tribe Team Dark Pink This role goes to Tribe team member , who have different job to handle the tribe.
Dragons Yellow Dragons have the highest power in the city. Have a separate post promotion room.
Citizen Sharps Pink Sharps have access to the post promotion room.
Citizen Plus Plus Light Orange Have access to the #post-promotion room for 4 weeks.
Miners Light Blue Those who have staked 0.3 NEOXAGM or more will get this role along with Citizen Plus
Citizen Plus Dark Orange Have access to #post-promotion room for 2 weeks.
Citizen blunt Green Do not have access to post promotion room.

  • #post-promotion Posts have chance to get upvote from @neoxian , but not guaranteed .
  • Dragons and Sharps get a 100% vote from Mr Dragon(@neoxian) if they win the giveaway that states such , While Pluses or Blunts gets 80% vote if they win same giveaway
  • How to get those roles ?? it's easy to get those roles , firstly you need to get Mee6 level 3 to get Citizen blunt , you can get that level by chatting on our discord server . And the other roles you need earn by showing your activity and loyality towards city .



  • [ ] City Paper - have people finding posts to curate
  • [ ] Splinterlands Warriors - people are helping make the guild strong
  • [ ] Greeters- People keeping the discord chat alive
  • [ ] City Promoters: people are pimping the city on the blockchain and in other social media.

City Paper :

city paper(2).png

have people finding posts to curate

All curator will get city paper role .

Requirment : Active citizen , good mentality to judge a content . 7 Seat available for curators .

Reward : CITIZEN SHARP role .

Curators :

All Curator seat booked . Check @neoxiancity for weekly News paper post .

Splinterlands Warriors :

people are helping make the guild strong

The top 10 players(exclude @neoxian) who will contribute more with in a season will get Splinterlands Warriors role . we will take snap shot of our guild contribution just before the season end and will judge that cantribution with next season contribution list .

Current season contribute - previous season contribute = actual contribution for Splinterlands Warriors role race .

So, if someone get placed on top 10 , he/she will get Splinterlands Warriors role for next season . But , if you lose that place on next season than role will be withdrawn and given to the deserve player .

Requirment : if you are one top 10 contribution list then you are full filled the requirement , but there is 2 tier of reward .

Reward :

Tier 1 : All Splinterlands Warriors will get Citizen Plus Plus role .

Tier 2 : Splinterlands Warriors who contributed atleast 5000 DEC and game rating 2500+ before season reset , they will get CITIZEN SHARP role for next season .

This Season Splinterlands Warriors :

@zaku @xawi
@mango-juice @bitcoinflood
@planosdeunacasa @aamirijaz
@ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong
@road2nowhere @d-zero

Greeters :

city paper.png

People will keep the discord chat alive

This role is for those citizens who will keep the city busy , Obviously with quality chats .

Requirment : So the requirment of greeters role is , You need to be enough old citizen of the city and and you must know about all of the city rules . You would greet newbies and answer their all questions. Good and cheering mind to keep making city busy.

Role Seat : 5 citizen from different time zone will get that opportunity . Two positions are already occupied so new applicants will apply for last 3 positions.If you think you fullfill those requirements then goto #job-application channel and send a application text. Clearly, state in your application at which time zone you will be availabale for your job. We are dividing time into 5 time zones e.g; 24/5 will be 4.5 hour aprox so during your job timing you must hang around and when your time will be up you will mark your signing off time. Tribe team will checkout your activity and dicide . team would prefer different time zones applications.

Reward : Greeters & CITIZEN SHARP role .

Greeters :

3 Seat available for Greeters job .

City Promoters:

city paper(1).png

people are pimping the city on the blockchain and in other social media.

City Promoters role for those who will promote our neoxian city Discord Channel and neoxian city tribe on the blockchain and outside the blockchain . You can host some cool contest over steem blockchain and other place . You can share your contest idea with the tribe team and community , if they think it will be good for the city then you might get sponsorship for that .

Requirement : To get this role , you need to apply on #job-application channel , with your idea and vision that how are you going to promote the city on steem blockchain and outside blockchain . If you want to promote on twitter or other social media site then you need to put your profile link on that application .

Reward : CITIZEN PLUS PLUS role . for your generous support & promotion you can promoted to CITIZEN SHARP role too .

All of those role will be moderated by Tribe team members . So if team think that you are not doing your job correctly then they will give you warning and even after that if you stay like before then they have power to remove you from that job place and give that job to other candidate.


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That's all for today , I am inviting you to visit our city : Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_25_4507760003.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city .


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That's a very clear post about all the things going on in there.. the server is pretty huge, so this helps to get a clear view, thanks!

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Thanks for the update, we are really happy playing our role as a city promoter!

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City-Promoter bpeace reporting for duty!

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Seems very organized, not many tribes taking this approach. Looking forward to future developments!

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the post is written in such a way to become easy to understand for non-citizens!

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Thanks for this post. Actually I was wondering why I am not able to chit chat in some discord rooms.

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I have the impression that Neoxian has already become a pretty complex tribe.
It’s captivating to read about its developments...

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