side effects of mobile phones

impact of smartphone and mobile app on Society - New York

Everywhere you look there is someone talking, playing a game, paying a bill or browsing the internet with their cell phones.

Even children are well acquainted with tools and amenities of the object. Due to so many facilities provided by mobile phones nowadays, the abundant part of users becomes sightless about the history, the effects in the future and diseases it might cause in our health.

Students cannot concentrate on homework because these devices have shortened people’s attention spans.

A survey was done and 54% said they use a cell phone while driving. •A 2006 study, at the University of Utah revealed that the level of impairment caused by using a cell phone while driving was just as high as drunk driving.

Smartphones are popular among people for the applications they offer to users. Smartphones make communications with people quite easier.

People enjoy a lot of benefits in various forms of their daily work. Some advantages smartphones provide – better means of communication, learning options to users, great exposure to the latest things, ways to personality development, simple ways to access applications, ideas to succeed in business, platforms to grow their applications and more.

Smartphones provide a unique way to improve the quality of education. The use of the Internet has become a part of life for every student. Internet together with Smartphones – provide an alternative channel to deliver education services and distance education.

According to surveys, more than 10 million users in the USA use Smartphone to search for health information and facilities. 27% of the users use smartphones for online activities. Today there are several apps to manage prescriptions, promote alternative treatment options, provide price comparison, and validate prescriptions.

Today several apps are available to track exercise, diet and blood pressure – enabling smartphones to play a key role in the health sector.

Smartphones are said to reduce stress in busy work life. I today’s busy schedules mobile phones provide a means to interact with friends and families as an when they get time.

The smart use of Smartphone increases your brain’s functioning helping to stay active. Instead of using Smartphone only for entertainment it could be used to access useful information, for example, access the news headlines, latest technology updates, and more.

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