Greetings to all my friends i hope you are all be fine I am also fine. Special thanks to @dobartim for he gives a permission to work on his community . I am sharing you about my village children ...


According to Asian development bank the 24.3% people’s are below the poverty line in 2015
Which includes 31% in ruler areas and 13% in urban area 1. For every day the 1000 babies are born in pakistan and 67 babies are died before the 5th birthday .The pakistan is 54 rank in the list of world poverty. The 5872GDP-ppp.
The poverty rate in 2004 is fells 55% to 39%
I am telling you the Ahmad the sons of nadeem aslam. He is 10 years old . He helped his father in work when he coming to work. He also the student of tow class in government high school saba wala. I hope my pics are clearing explain to everything


The second son of nadeem aslam is javed he is 8 year old he is helped his and brother in work


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