Covid-19 cases report in world 25-04-2021

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How are you? I hope you are all well. Today I will provide you with some information about the Corona virus which is currently engulfing the whole world and has disturbed the people of the whole world. May Allah Almighty bless us. I am going to provide some information about this Mubarak and keep everyone safe. I hope you all will like and vote. There were many epidemics before today. I have never seen a deadly disease that shook the whole world and every servant seeks refuge from it whether he is a Muslim or an infidel or a Christian brother. In the current situation, I remember the total number of viruses spreading all over the world. The number of deaths due to these and other deaths is 31 lakh 7197 and the number of people who have recovered from it is 124.5 million 29 thousand. Nine hundred and four۔
I would like to share with you a picture of it


Then I would like to share with you in more detail that the number of deaths in the daily population is increasing tremendously which is reducing the population of the whole world and the epidemic diseases. As it is spreading, it has become difficult to avoid it and everyone wants to avoid it. I beg you to follow the SOPs so that you too can get rid of this epidemic. I am showing the number of deaths from corona virus all over the world. I will share it with you. I hope you will like it.


Then I will share with you some information about the daily cases that are coming out in this world which I have in a picture. I hope you will increase your knowledge by looking at it and We will urge people to avoid it


I will mention in my name all the countries that are suffering from this deadly disease of loyalty and they are USA India, Brazil, France, Russia, Turkey, UK, China, China, Canada, China, Pakistan, Japan, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Indonesia, Ukraine, Mexico, Poland, and all the other countries There are people in this continent of Asia who are all affected by this virus
The total number of cases from all over the world in this picture and the new cases that are increasing day by day. Total material will provide information on new materials and new cases that have arrived today.
I have a picture of him which I will share with you


I hope that by looking at this post your knowledge will increase and you will be able to tell people how much virus is spread in this world.

Regards:# Zain Shabbir ✅

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hello @zainshabbir

you have made a post on the internet, and copied and pasted, you have to make a post with your own idea, don't take it on the internet and you have to share ling if posting on the internet

25.04.2021 13:40

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zainshabbir (25)

Do not post any image if it you are not if you want to upload any Google image you must be mention his resource below the image

Your post about covid-19 cases reported in the world your post travel really appreciate your writing really really really informative thanks for sharing your post with this community keep it up and grow more thanks for sharing your post with this community future

25.04.2021 14:09

Notice the slaves all harp on using images from the web. That's what they are for!!! Idiots.

Also, the numbers are bullshit and based off deaths with zero connection to the invisible covid.

30.04.2021 01:37