Cryptocurrency||The concept and advantages which everyone donot know||I am discussing for my steemans


What is cryptocurrency?
sitoshinagamoto gave the idea of cryptocurrency by which we can trade online in all over the world
cryptocurrency is an amount in the form of gold but it have no antibody.It is a digital gold thorough which we can trade.
This currency can only be used through minning and computer software.


Now we will disscuss cryptocurrency and trading
I am going to describe cryptocurrency through examples of a simple paper and a note of 1000 rupees


we buy something like as fruits,clothes and other things etc. If we give a simple piece of paper he will refuse to take it because simple paper has no value on the other hand if we give a real note of 1000 rupees the shopkeeper will take it and give us the things .
This is called trading the cryptocurrency is same like this.cryptocurrency is the source of trading in all over the world.
all the people use this currency by their own way.Now i am going to describe another way the use of cryptocurrency.


There are many people arround us who buy gold from the shop and save it in their homes when the price of gold rises they sold it and got a lot of profit .
same thing is cryptocurrency people buy these coins online and these coins deposits in their account when the rate of market is high they sold it and earn profit .
So guys i gave simple examples to understand the real concept of cryptocurency i hope you like it kindly upvote to encourage me so that i can bring a lot of informations for you thankyou

In simple words to understand the concept of cryptocurrency is that it is a source of trading.
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