Achievement#1 ||Introduction myself on steemit||.


Assalam o alaikum!
Hello dear steemers i hope you will be fine and happy and enjoying the steemit.
Today i am going to tell you about myself.
As you know my username is zainmalik333 but my original name is zain ul abidin.Dear guyz i am 21 years old and have six members in my house family and I am Pakistani .I am very happy because now i have become the part of this great plateform i shall work hard and i hope you will appreciate to grow up me soon.

I completed matriculation from govt.high school Basirpur town.Afterthat I went to Depalpur and did from Depalpur and after that i went to okara and completed my from this institution.
Now i am a student of dispancer class at DHQ hospital okara .I am doing dispancer because i am interested in this department because in health department we can help poor by taking care of their health in these days we are working hard against corona virus .

Govt post graduate college okara from where i did
Govt college depalpur from where i did

downloadfile-1 (2).jpg

Govt school Town i did matriculation here

My hobby is playing cricket i give my extra work to cricket because it keeps me healthy and fit and games keeps us active .My favourite player of cricket is shahid khan afridi he is a good player .
4.Living City
Dear guyz i live in Basirpur district Okara Basirpur is very beautiful city it is a small city and seems as a village
downloadfile-1 (1).jpg

The people are very kind and vast heart.All the people of my city are brave and hardworker.Their main source of income is farming

5.Dear friends i give extra time to my good friends some times we go for a walk and sometimes we walk in our city and enjoy .

so guyz i described my introduction briefly i hope you shall like it .

Special thanks

Special thanks

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Hello dear @zainmalik
you are warmly welcome here in the steemit the social media rewarding platform.

Good to see you here .
You increase in the number of members contributing to the steemit. You are in the right place and safe and sound.

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01.05.2021 16:59

thanks bro for guiding

01.05.2021 19:04

welcome bro

05.05.2021 05:11

Hey @zainmalik333 welcome to steemit.

your introduction seems good but I'll refer you to please read Lists of Achievement Tasks, Resources & Materials: Newcomers Resources by @cryptokannon. This is a detailed guide for newcomers. you have missed some tags.

Please put the tag #achievement1 as one of your tags.

Add this tag to get verified. And yes avoid mentioning curators. If you have any query you can comment down, I'll try my best to help you.

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happy steeming.

05.05.2021 09:19

thanks sis

05.05.2021 10:12

Please add the tag bro.

05.05.2021 15:50

Congratulations! You have been verified by haidermehdi. A member of STEEM POD TEAM Project!
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05.05.2021 15:50

thankyou haidermehdi inshallah i shall act upon your orders and advices

05.05.2021 17:26

assalam o alaikum sir haidermehdi you approved my achivement 1 post and told me about achievement 2 now i have posted it so kindly check this and tell me about the next step thankyou sir

08.05.2021 06:12

assalam o alaikum sir ! i have posted achievement 2 post on 06-05-21 but it is not varified i am still waiting kindly varify it and so that i could post my achievement 3 thankyou

11.05.2021 22:28

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05.05.2021 16:40

thankyou sir

05.05.2021 17:03