Marketting experience belongs to profit

Marketing is an important part in any business and companies focus more on this Department because the sales numbers relate to the amount of effort put into the marketing. and effective marketing gives a boost to sales number which turns out to be a good source of better revenue generation. in this 21st century, we have got various options to go with the marketing including print media, social media, digital media, etc.
We use many products and services and these products have got so much attention and have become part of our daily life so we can say that these companies need not spend more money on the advertisement but actually the reality is different. If these companies are stopped spending money on the promotion side then there is a high possibility that some other products will take over because the market is quite competitive and we have alternate and substitutes for almost everything in the market.
There has to be a proper plan and strategy for advertisement and promotion as well because it's important to target the right audience and even the right schedule is important to make it more effective. if we are going for advertisement on television then we know that prime time is these are very expensive go for the advertisement because that time most of the people spend time in front of the television. this is just an example and there are various things to consider before going for effective marketing and promotion of the product. This part is even more important for the companies who just started and startups are usually following aggressive marketing to bring more customer base in less amount of time.

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