If we talks about 3 family members, i.e. husband,wife and a son or daughter; how ...

... much do you need a month to cover our family basic life necessities. Example accommodation cost, foods, transportation, utilities bills etc. in your country. For us here, minimum USD$1200 per month (MYR5000 pm).How about your family or individual basic living cost per month there. Any comment please..


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OMG you are lucky! In Kelowna British Columbia Canada it costs 1,600.00 per month just to rent a 1 bedroom apartment! And there is 0 vacancy for a very long time. My 2 sons are lucky for 5 years now to have a 2 bedroom apartment they share, in an older building for 1,200.00 per month. And they split all expenses. And the cost of living is very high here, no matter how much they build, there is never enough housing and we have huge homelessness problem because of it...🤔🏚🏘🏠

26.12.2020 03:59

having own house is our priority here, cost of living keep on rising everywhere. Family financial management skills are so important too. More people living in stress due to personal financial issue nowaday.

26.12.2020 09:41

This is just rent. Add expenses on top, its a lot!

26.12.2020 04:03


26.12.2020 08:49