🤑What Is Bitcoin? | Financial topic 💰| Fiat VS Crypto Which Is A Scam?

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This video is like a podcast of me talking about a financial topic as a 21 year old which is too bored on the internet and decided to learn what is the thing we call "money" but it is just currency about, because we are using it day to day and we do not really understand it. So google was my teacher. School didn't teach me that.

i am talking about a financial topic that people like you and me who are using, that is called "USD/ Fiat" almost 90% using it would not even have a basic understanding about it because our school doesn't teach us about money.
Fiat and crypto is created out of thin air, many like to say bitcoin is created out of thin air, not really, we have miners doing the work backed with ASICs "Computers" to secure the network.
Fiat is printed with high end machines, we as human gave it, its value and it is fuel with debt. Worse of all, the government are printing money free flow, we as hard working adults need to pay tax on what we earn... Whatever we buy the governments has their eyes on it and your money is never your money, big banks can freeze everything up BUT with cryptocurrency "bitcoin" nobody can freeze your funds. That is the power of bitcoin.

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