New ByBit Bot & Back Story Of Deribit Bot Developer *BitMexBot Is A Scam*

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Basically i was contacted by the original developers of deribit AI Bot that i had been mentioning on my previous videos saying Lukas was the one that introduce it to me and i was happy that he told me this "opportunity" he had, so i believed him over and over, I lost 0.08 BTC on this scheme, I contacted Lukas for a refund and you can see, if he treats me as a friend he would initial a refund or something because, 1 there was delay on the positions, 2 i was running the bot less than 12 hours.

The deribit bot developer told me how the bitmex bot that Lukas claim it was together with the same developer is not true and the trades that the bot is making is far risky and it will cost wallets to get nuked. Lukas claiming 20% discount on fees and telling you that it cost lots of fee for the bot to run and trying to reduce it with his link, nobody knows if its 20% or 10% ONLY, So market orders are going to profit him in ways you do not notice.

Deribit Developer are kind, they want people to make money that is why they are giving free trials and trial periods for people like me who lost money on this bad actors that claimed to be your friend.

Join me back to Deribit / Bybit trading bot & make profit knowing developer cares.
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