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Making Money Online With Crypto, Singapore guide that i am giving, if you have fast service to top up and buy on an exchange yes you can use this method as well.
Basically it is selling btc on p2p market place at a higher margin rate then buying back btc on the exchange itself to increase your BTC holdings if not Fiat holdings.
Very simple.
Make sure to set up on all this 3 platform i mentioned and create ads and fund your account and wish you luck that people will contact you to buy!

Make sure you verify the person that you are trying to sell. To prevent bad experience from happening like police knocking on your door or your bank account getting freeze you can check out how i do my identification process or copy my T&C

To get started you will need to sign up here, The more platform you use and post your ads the higher chances people clicks and buy from you.

For Singapore users, You can use binancesg to buy / sell btc and get $20 for free once you meet the $100 transaction mark.

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